Guest Mix: Triple S


Triple S first came to my attention with their brutal “Hungry” EP last year, and with their follow up EP, “Triple Dat”, already complete, this seemed like the perfect time to get Chemist RNS and MoJoe to jump on the turntables to give everyone a quick reminder of their sound. The results? 44 mins of madness, featuring dubs, VIPs, and some exclusive tracks from “Triple Dat”. Continue reading

Triple S: “Yeah” Free Download


It’s been a busy month for Triple S. After leaping onto the Juno chart with their mighty “Hungry” EP and throwing out a war dub, you would be forgiven for thinking that Mojoe and Chemist RNS might be looking to relax. No chance – they’re back already with “Yeah”, an exclusive free download which you can get below. Continue reading

Triple S – Interview


It seems that most producer war dubs this year have been on the Jungle side of things, but for those missing tunes with a real aggressive feel Triple S‘ “Hungry” EP, out October 10th, is definitely one for you. Nah, these aren’t war dubs, but they may as well be, as each of the four tracks on offer here comes with that mucky, aggressive style. Made up of production duo MoJoe and Chemist RNS, I spoke to Triple S about their music, record labels, the pluses and minuses of working as a pair, and perfect Grime combinations… Continue reading