Streema – Constantly Improving


A lot of guy’s Twitter biographies make them sound as if they’re more successful than Simon Cowell, but when it comes to The Square’s Streema‘s bio, it simply says “sick MC and I come from South”, and that’s no idle boast! I’ve written about a few members of The Square over the last week or so, but Streema, in my opinion, is easily the most improved MC Continue reading

Lolingo – The Square’s Silent Partner Speaks


This blog has been a bit heavy with features on The Square lately, but guess what? Good. This one is different anyway, as the only person in the crew without a mic, producer Lolingo, steps up to speak. Fast becoming one of the go-to guys for a range of MCs, Lolingo has had productions used by the likes of Maxsta, and Ten Dixon, and DJs from Logan Sama to Continue reading

Syder Sides – Focus Mode


Syder Sides is yet another product of the Lewisham School for Sick MC’s. If you heard Syder Side’s first mixtape, “A Bit of Sides”, then you might think you already know about his sound. Dropping two years ago, “A Bit of Sides” was a Hip Hop heavy release, but as part of The Square, it’s only natural that Syder would be on this Grime thing too! Continue reading