Free Download: Dubzta – The Clearout EP


Where as some people struggle for ideas, others, like Dubzta, seem to have them in abundance, which means they have tracks laying around everywhere. And that’s what “The Clearout EP” is, 20 tracks recorded by Dubzta between 2011-2015 pulled together and given to you, free!
There’s a bit of everything on here, from pure grime bangers like “Skengy” to 4X4 and Trap. There are vocal features from the likes of Hazman and Vader, remixes of tracks by Wiley, SkinzMann, Sir Spyro, collabs with Adam Mac and RSK, and that’s barely scratching the surface. You can download “The Clearout EP” now, below. Continue reading

Free Download: CREEP N00M – Orchestrah Riddim


Some more free download business, this time Moscow’s CREEP N00M drops a string and trap flavoured banger that almost begs for an MC to vocal it. The added choral samples only add to the menace in this one. Get that free below. Continue reading

Preview: Drone – Skengman Mode EP


I’ve been waiting for this since I saw it make an early appearance on Drone’s Soundcloud a few months back. Why? Cos it’s brutal. Brutal like, well… a drone strike on a wedding party, and, as it’s finally out on January 5th backed with a heap of remixes, I thought I’d cast an eye over it and see what what was on offer. Continue reading

Triple S – Interview


It seems that most producer war dubs this year have been on the Jungle side of things, but for those missing tunes with a real aggressive feel Triple S‘ “Hungry” EP, out October 10th, is definitely one for you. Nah, these aren’t war dubs, but they may as well be, as each of the four tracks on offer here comes with that mucky, aggressive style. Made up of production duo MoJoe and Chemist RNS, I spoke to Triple S about their music, record labels, the pluses and minuses of working as a pair, and perfect Grime combinations… Continue reading

Moony – Ballin EP Out Now!


Out now, Moony moves away from his usual more garage inspired sound and goes back to the earlier style that he displayed on his “Full Moon” EPs. There are a mighty 6 tracks on this EP, with the original song backed with 5 remixes courtesy of Notion, Lemzly Dale, Dubzta, P Jam, and Mr Dubz, which means there should be at least one or two remixes in here that you’ll rate. Continue reading

Mr Dubz – Back For More (Interview)


“The ‘Back 4 More Part 2’ EP has been been a long time coming, but it’s gonna be worth it!”, says Mr Dubz,and he has a point. With remixes provided by a stellar line-up of producers including the likes of Spooky, Moony, Flava D, and Mr Dubz original banger all on there, this is yet another EP off the Project Allout production line that deserves your attention. I caught up with Mr Dubz to find out how the EP came together, how he started out in music, remixes, future releases, and alternative punishments for Luis Suarez amongst other things… Continue reading

Project Allout Records – Volume… The Pick of the Zip


When I spoke to Project Allout Records head honcho Skillzy a few weeks back, he told me that the label “have a lot to come”, and just a few days later, he backed that up by giving out “Project Allout Records – Volume 1”, a free zip file of 25 instrumentals that vary in style from pure grime bangers, UK garage inspired riddims, and, of course, a few trap/hip hop influenced tunes as well. I thought I’d run the rule over the whole lot and pick out the top 5 songs in the zip so that you can see just why it’s worth the download, so here they are in no particular order. Continue reading