Preview: Rampage – “The Starting Line EP”


Wellingorough based MC Rampage drops his first EP, “The Starting Line”, on Friday, and if you wanted a rough idea of what’s in store there, the main word is: grease. Whether Rampage lives that life, I neither know nor care, but the first thing that grabs me on playing this EP is how authentic he sounds, which automatically elevates this release above the majority of MCs that run a similar line in lyrics. Below is a closer look at “The Starting Line”, and why I believe Rampage is yet another MC that’s well worth watching. Continue reading

Preview: Trapah – Mind Control EP



Relax, there are no 808 drums here, no triple time high hats either. Instead Trapah throws a whole heap of other ideas in to the pot¬†with the release of his “Mind Control” EP, out soon on J Beatz’ Crown Jules label. Consisting of 5 instrumental tracks, this EP packs in so much variety¬†that attempting to to go in to too much detail would result in a post that would take around a day to read. Instead, I’ve broken the EP down track by track to try and give you some idea of what’s in store when this one drops. Continue reading

Preview: Priceless “Bassed God” EP


Due out of the 1st of August, Priceless’ “Bassed God” EP is the first release from DeadstockGrime, and is the perfect example of just what to expect from Priceless, and from Deadstock themselves. I recently spoke to Priceless about his production, working with MCs and a lot more, which you can read here, but now, with various tracks from this EP cropping up on a variety of radioshows, it seems like the perfect time to have a deeper look at the “Bassed God” EP, and just what you get for your money with this release. Continue reading