Oil Gang – Slicker Than the Average Label

Oil Gang

The chances are that if you ask any Grime fan about particular labels that they rate, that Oil Gang would be one of the names on most people’s lists. The reason for that? Easy, they push out sick instrumentals from a who’s who of producers including Spooky, JT The Goon, Darq E Freaker, and more. Oil Gang also have a hand in running Boxed, one of the most successful grime nights in effect at the moment, so already know that I had a tonne of questions, which, thankfully, Simon from Oil Gang was happy to answer.  Continue reading

Kwam – Don’t Call It A Comeback


Armed with his new album, “People Power”, Kwam returns after a three year hiatus to give the vocal side of the scene a swift kick up the arse. As anybody that recently locked in to Grandmixxer’s Bundown Show to hear him shelling down alongside Novelist will tell you, not only is Kwam very much on form, but he also has a lot to say, so with all of those things in mind, I caught up with the central London MC to find out where he’s been, what’s in store on this newest release, and much more… Continue reading