Nolay – Unholy Spinner



Remember all those Tweets you saw from people in December/January about how 2015 was going to be their year, and to watch for them? Nolay wasn’t one of those Tweeters. Instead she’s letting her music and work rate do the talking, and as it stands at the moment, with two releases already out this year and a 3rd just announced, Nolay is already an MC that you should be watching this year if, ya know, you do actually want to have some actual tunes from an MC as opposed to online promises. So, below then, is a quick run down of “Holy Sinners”, “The Massacre”, and more on the new one, “Blown”. Continue reading

Review: Nolay – Don’t Stop ft P Money & Blacks

mwtisbxbayffeugjfpc4As if Nolay dropping an album wasn’t already enough to have me gassed, she’s now throwing out tunes like “Don’t Stop” featuring OG veterans P Money, and Blacks to really whet the appetite for “Holy Sinners” (out 30th January)! So, the only thing you should really wanna know is: does a tune with 3 of the hardest mic-wreckers to grace Grime live up to expectations?

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