Dvsty – Guestmix and Interview

Having recently started a new Nasty FM show, and with his own productions cropping up on guestmixes all over the place, I thought it was time to talk to Glasgow’s Dvsty about Grime, production, influences, radio, why he hates Breaking Bad, and more. There’s also a guestmix from Dvsty himself, which you can download below. Continue reading

Nomis – Fuck Radio?


A few days back, Nasty FM DJ/producer Nomis Tweeted that his next show on the station would be his last. When he also posted up a tune he’d made, “Theatre”, to Soundcloud, I knew that I had to ask him some questions, like: why is he leaving the show, is he fucked off with radio? What’s next for him, and when can we get our hands on some of his music? Luckily, he answered all my questions, and more… Continue reading



“It’s all about the energy in the mix, not always the selection”, says DSL OFFICIAL, and the energy contained in this mix is a perfect example of why you should be tuning in to his #GrimeTime Show on Nasty FM! I’ve spoken to DSL OFFICIAL quite recently, and you can read that here, but, as you’d expect, I had a few more questions for him regarding the mix, and also just how long he thinks his hearing will last if he plays bangers like this… Continue reading

DSL OFFICIAL – On the Wheels of Sheffield Steel


Nasty FM DJ/producer DSL OFFICIAL has done something new by dropping a promo advert for his GrimeTime Show. You can see that below, but, I’m sure you’ll agree, anybody pushing grime that hard deserves to be heard, so I thought I’d talk to him about mixing, his show, the scene in Sheffield and lots more besides… Continue reading