Review: A Sift Through Angry Youth’s “Zift City Volume 1”


It seems like you can’t turn around at the moment without someone smacking you in the face with a compilation of tracks, but when they’re as good as Angry Youth’s “Zift City Volume 1” you can’t really go wrong. Angry Youth is a collective formed by Greywan and Zgjim, and, if this compilation is any kind of signpost for the tracks they’ll be releasing, the future looks bright. With 14 instrumentals on offer from the likes of Ice Pope, LTHL, J(ay) A.D. and more, this was one I had to have a closer look at… Continue reading

Guest Mix: JEB1


To say JEB1 is prolific is an understatement. A constant string of EPs, singles, edits, and dubs are just part of the story as JEB1 is just as likely to drop a vocal track as an instrumental, and, if that’s not enough to keep him busy, he’s also returned to mixing – the results of which you can hear below in an exclusive guest mix that contains plenty of unheard freshness from JEB himself, as well as some other bits and pieces to make your ears happy. Continue reading

Free Compilation: Next Tune In…

Next Tune In… Cover

If you’ve kept an eye on the blog over recent weeks, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been promising a free compilation, and it’s finally ready to download now! Considering I put this together, it would be a bit shit of me to sit here and tell you that it’s sick – I would say that, but given that the tracks on “Next Tune In…” have been getting radio rotation on Rinse FM, Radar, Mode FM, Resonance FM, and a bunch of other stations, it’s at least fair to say that this is something that you should enjoy.
The download link is below, as well as contact info on the artists involved, so go get it now! Continue reading

Next Tune In… Mixed by DJ SagePay

Next Tune In… mixed by DJ SagePay

This time next week, I’ll be dropping “Next Tune In…”, a compilation of 15 brand new instrumentals, but a week is a long time in Grime, so, with that in mind, I got DJ Sagepay to run his magic in a mix of all the tracks on the compilation so that you can hear them before you download them. Continue reading

Next Tune In (Free Soon)

Next Tune In

I’ve been pulling together some tracks to drop as a free download soon. “Next Tune In” will feature 15 instrumentals that I feel show off the range of different sounds that are out there at the moment. The tracklist is above. Some of the tracks are peel-ya-face-off violent, others are more relaxed. There are producers you’ll know and some that you may not have heard of yet, but all of them have provided something that I hope you’ll enjoy. Continue reading

LTHL – Interview & Free Download


As 2014 winds to a close, I’ve been thinking about the best new producers to have emerged over the last 12 months, and one person in particular who has made a big impact in a short time is Canterbury based LTHL, who, over only four short months, has continually dropped the kind of tunes that take up long term residency on my phone, which is about the highest praise I can offer anyone! I spoke to LTHL about pronouncing his name correctly, previous aliases, future releases and more. He’s also been kind enough to let me give away one of my percy’s from his Soundcloud, which you can get below. Continue reading

Eso: “Ashikaga” Free Download and Interview

Eso 1Eso may be best known for his appearance on this year’s “Boxed: Volume 2“, but a quick look at the London based producer’s Soundcloud page will provide ample evidence that Eso is definitely one to listen out for. With no less that 4 brand new songs posted up inside the last fortnight, it seems that Eso is on a fine run of form, so I thought I’d ask him about his music, inspirations, gaming, Boxed, and more. Thankfully, he answered – and, being a generous soul, he’s also dropped an exclusive tune for you, “Ashikaga”, to download below! Continue reading