The Vinyl Word: Levo’s White Labels


Flex FM DJ and Bumps Familia linchpin Levo gets things under way for what should be the start of a regular feature where we get to go through the crates of various DJs in an attempt to unearth some classic, and quite often lost, white label vinyl.

Having just started his “Levo’s Box” channel on Youtube which shines a light on exactly this kind of thing, Levo seemed like the most obvious choice to present his top ten, which you can see below. Classics in this one from the likes of Smasher, Mr Wong, Skepta, Iron Soul, and more. Continue reading

Architect – Creating A Name For Himself


Anyone that spends any time on Soundcloud will already be aware that you’re never more than a few clicks away from finding some high grade beats. In fact, it’s probably down to the sheer volume of good music on there that a lot of very sick producers can still get overlooked. With tunes like “Bluestone The Magicman” and “6 Foot Toyo” to his name Architect is one such producer, but that is something I feel could change any time now. I spoke to Architect about his beats, hip hop, Scooby Doo samples, and more… Continue reading

Sheik – Roll Deep When Emir…


Obviously, as a grime blogger, my principal concern is grime music, but, every now and then,  when I come across a producer capable of making so much more than grime, boxing them off as a “grime producer” doesn’t really tell the full story, and this is certainly the case with Bumps Familia member Sheik. The more I spoke to London based Sheik, the more apparent his love for music became. It’s a passion that’s also evident in the tunes he’s been making lately too, ranging from latin house and reggae, as well as some evil grime instrumentals that are clocking up spins from the likes of Slackk. So, how did Sheik start out making beats? What does he like about making grime, and can he make a beat whilst hungover? I found out… Continue reading

Levo – Back On His Grime


After a short hiatus, Levo is back and armed with a new radio show on Flex FM, so I thought I’d catch up with the London based DJ and producer to see what he’s been up to, what he thinks of the health of the scene, what we can expect from him soon, and “Form 969: The Police vs Grime Music”… Continue reading