Row. D – Elevated


How many radio sets do you have to shell down before people notice? How many battles do you have to win? How many sick projects do you have to drop before people take notice? I don’t have any statistics, but one guy that has done all this and more this year is N3 mic man Row D, and it seems that, finally, after over ten years of graft, people are beginning to take notice. With that in mind, I thought I’d look back on some of Row D’s highlights in 2014 to show why he’s arguably been THE MC of 2014. Continue reading

Jack PD and Get Locked Radio: Trying New Things


Just a quick post about an event on Friday that you may wanna lock in to, as Get Locked Radio’s Jack PD is teaming up with a few other DJs to stream a special edition of his weekly show. I spoke to Jack to find out what’s going on, who else is involved, and why we should tune in on Friday… Continue reading