*Updated* Iron Deck Tournament: Round One – Kozee Vs. Loom


“War, what is it good for?”, I’ll tell you – separating the wheat from the chaff, and that’s the aim right now as the first clash of the Iron Deck Tournament is up and ready for your judgement!
If you’re not already familiar with the rules and format of the tournament, click here for more info.

For the first head to head in round one, we have Kozee versus Loom Continue reading

Coming Soon: Iron Deck Tournament


MC’s have Lord of the Mics, producers have Lord of the Beats, but what is there for the DJ’s out there? Why do they never really clash? Well, now they are. After what seems like months of planning, I can finally give you some info on the “Iron Deck Tournament”, exactly who is involved, and best of all, how you get to decide the outcome… Continue reading