Free Download: JEB1 “Sand June” ZIP File


Calling this a “leak” would be clickbait, but it is a leak of sorts, albeit one with JEB1’s permission. What we have here is a zip file consisting of 19 tracks¬†that were sent exclusively to DJs and labels at the beginning of June. ¬†Unfortunately for JEB1, PC issues mean none of these tracks will end up seeing an official release, but it does mean that I get to give you the tracks instead!
You can download the full zip below, where you can also stream and check out a few of my personal highlights too. Continue reading

Guest Mix: JEB1


To say JEB1 is prolific is an understatement. A constant string of EPs, singles, edits, and dubs are just part of the story as JEB1 is just as likely to drop a vocal track as an instrumental, and, if that’s not enough to keep him busy, he’s also returned to mixing – the results of which you can hear below in an exclusive guest mix that contains plenty of unheard freshness from JEB himself, as well as some other bits and pieces to make your ears happy. Continue reading

Download: Creative (Progressive Intelligence) In the Mix


I didn’t ask Creative why he called this mix “The Bridge”, to be honest, I just clocked the tracklist and knew from having previously tuned into his Nasty FM show that this would be sick, and it is, and it’s also below for you to download. Continue reading

Spotlight on: Special Stage Audio – Space Age Cakes

hUxiyiDO“We’re just looking into the crevices for interesting discoveries”, says Erra (Luke), one of the co-creators of Special Stage Audio, and it’s an approach that’s lead to the Nottingham based label finding genuine instrumental gems from places ranging from Sydney to London. With a fresh new “cake” out of the oven, I thought I’d ask Erra about the labels ethos and international feel, and let him talk you through the talents that the label has to offer. Continue reading

LTHL – Interview & Free Download


As 2014 winds to a close, I’ve been thinking about the best new producers to have emerged over the last 12 months, and one person in particular who has made a big impact in a short time is Canterbury based LTHL, who, over only four short months, has continually dropped the kind of tunes that take up long term residency on my phone, which is about the highest praise I can offer anyone! I spoke to LTHL about pronouncing his name correctly, previous aliases, future releases and more. He’s also been kind enough to let me give away one of my percy’s from his Soundcloud, which you can get below. Continue reading

JEB1 – Liquid Grime Lord


Buses, jazz musicians, and Indian mythology were just a few of the things producer/MC JEB1 spoke about when I asked him about his music, but then JEB1 doesn’t seem to think like most people. Still only 20 years old, JEB1 (Jay Elektro Beats) already has a back catalogue of progressive, idea crammed EPs and songs that show a talent that belies his age. Considering that the DDS Crew member also MCs, it seemed like a good time to ask him a few questions… Continue reading

JEB1 – Chem Trails, DDS Crew EPs and more


Repping DDS Crew (Darker Dimension Sound), JEB1 has dropped a few things recently that have caught my ear, and as he’s promising to give out an EP for free every month “until I’m old and grey”, I thought I’d post up his new instrumental stuff as well as a couple of older bits for anyone that hasn’t heard them yet… Continue reading