Iron Deck Tournament – Live this Sunday!


Next Sunday (July 19th) eight DJs will be clashing live on Radar Radio until only one, the winner, is left!
Who will win? Who will clang? I can’t answer that, but I can tell you, below, who is involved, what the rules are for each round, and how you can get involved in deciding who wins!  Continue reading

Preview: Trapah – Mind Control EP



Relax, there are no 808 drums here, no triple time high hats either. Instead Trapah throws a whole heap of other ideas in to the pot with the release of his “Mind Control” EP, out soon on J Beatz’ Crown Jules label. Consisting of 5 instrumental tracks, this EP packs in so much variety that attempting to to go in to too much detail would result in a post that would take around a day to read. Instead, I’ve broken the EP down track by track to try and give you some idea of what’s in store when this one drops. Continue reading