A little round up…


If you’ve been a fan of Grime music for any amount of time, the chances are that you’re able to write out a list of songs that you love that just never got released. Whatever the reasons that those tracks don’t see the light of day, as a listener, it can be frustrating. Which is why today is one of those things that’s something of a novelty: as today there seems to be a whole glut of releases. So many releases in fact, that it’s hard to know where to spend your money. With that in mind, I thought I’d have a look over some of the releases that have caught my attention over the last few weeks, and which, if any, deserve your money. With appearances from the likes of Kid D, Iglew, Izzie Gibbs, and more, this one could get expensive. Continue reading

Izzie Gibbs – Next To Blow?


When Ratty from Lord of the Mics asked which MC he should sign recently, one name kept being Tweeted: Izzie Gibbs, and rightly so, as the Northampton based MC has made a name for himself over the last couple of years as one of the sickest up and coming youngers in the scene. With that in mind, I asked Izzie a few questions about clashing, influences, the health of the scene, and um… Justin Bieber… Continue reading