Interview: Boylan on Edgem, Solo Stuff & More


2015, depending on who you talk to, means different things for Grime. For some, it’s the year that the vocal side of the scene was kicked out of its slumber by hungry young MCs like MicTy and Jammz. Other people will tell you it’s the year that “America discovered Grime”, but, when the time comes to look back, 2015 could be the year of the “super producer crew” (we’ll work out a better name later). Beatgatherers, Silk Road Assassins, Krud Fam… the list of people to watch for is longer every week, but for now, one crew leads the way – Edgem.
With a new EP, “Terror Fortress” out at midnight (13/7/2015), I spoke to Boylan about Edgem, hooking up with JT and Dullah, Drum & Bass, and more. Continue reading

Interview: Maniac – He’s Back!


Let’s not get it twisted, for years Maniac was head and shoulders above most producers in the scene. His name was synonymous with the hardest Grime instrumentals, and the list of classic beats he dropped is almost endless. Maniac’s absence from the scene left many people wondering what would happen to his old productions, and whether he’d ever jump back on making music, but the good news is that he’s back, and he agreed to answer my questions about his older stuff, whether we can expect to hear anything from him soon, who he rates in Grime at the moment, and more. Continue reading

Interview: Ghostly – Grime Spirit


I don’t think it’s unfair to say that, for the last few years at least, the instrumental side of Grime has been a lot more healthy than the vocal side. For years, wrongly or rightly, the MC was the focus of most things, but some time ago┬áthat stopped. JME said “a new MC is born every weekend”, and that may be true, but where the crews? Who really stood out after Merky ACE, Rival, Maxsta and the rest of them? Not many, but now it seems that the MCs are coming through again (click here for a taster courtesy of GrimeForum’s “Freestyles Volume 2”), and one young MC in particular who’s very much at the forefront of the charge is West London’s Ghostly, who I spoke to below about picking Grime over Rap, clashing and beef, his forthcoming projects, and more. Continue reading

Introducing: Blaydes

It’s possible that, in a few years time, we might be looking back at 2014 as the year that the vocal side of Grime got a much needed shot in the arm. I mean, let’s be honest, for the last 4-5 years there hasn’t really been a buzz around many MCs, but the re-emergence of K9, and consistent work from youngsters like The Square could be taken as pointers to a turn in the right direction. But all of this will count for nothing if there aren’t more skilled and active lyricists following behind, which is where we come to Blaydes. Having just turned 16 years old, south London MC Blaydes is definitely one to keep an eye on over the next few years – which is why I asked him about growing up on Grime, his forthcoming releases, his views on the vocal scene at the moment, and what the chances are that he’d end up on Trap beats… Continue reading

M.I.K. – Ghost Writing (Interview)


“Guess who’s back with a fresh one…”, yep, M.I.K. drops his eagerly awaited “Ghost Writer” album at midnight and, judging from the previews, it sounds massive. I caught up with M.I.K., who for me remains one of the most consistently sick MCs in the scene, to ask him about the new album, Family Tree, clashing, working with different producers, and more. Continue reading

Eso: “Ashikaga” Free Download and Interview

Eso 1Eso may be best known for his appearance on this year’s “Boxed: Volume 2“, but a quick look at the London based producer’s Soundcloud page will provide ample evidence that Eso is definitely one to listen out for. With no less that 4 brand new songs posted up inside the last fortnight, it seems that Eso is on a fine run of form, so I thought I’d ask him about his music, inspirations, gaming, Boxed, and more. Thankfully, he answered – and, being a generous soul, he’s also dropped an exclusive tune for you, “Ashikaga”, to download below! Continue reading

Zdot – No Catching Z’s (Interview)


Zdot could well be your favourite MC’s favourite producer. Need proof? Then just look at the list of names Zdot has provided beats for, a list that includes Wiley, Devlin, Ghetts, and, well, pretty much anyone that’s anyone. Never one to rest on his past accomplishments, Zdot is back again with releases with both Eyez and Opium on the horizon, as well as several more projects, as I found out when I spoke to him about starting out in music, forthcoming projects, earning money from Grime, and more… Continue reading