Gundam: GUNDAM001, and Pulse Wedding Update

H6Mbdf3dI’m don’t usually do write ups on people’s various projects as there are too many of them, they often end up flopping or never getting a release, and also because I’m lazy, but tomorrow sees Gundam drop GUNDAM001, a collection of unreleased tracks alongside some that you may have previously missed, and if you’re a Gundam junkie, it’s in your interest to fully support this release. Here’s why… Continue reading

Coming Soon: Gundam – “Nyoubou” LP


When Flowdan said “no gyal tune”, Gundam couldn’t have been listening, as the human refix machine is back with “Nyoubou”, an album so crammed full of sweet, soulful R&B edits that it should come with a diabetes warning.
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*Updated* Iron Deck Tournament: Gundam vs Dvsty


It’s that time again, head to head time, and this time it’s Gundam versus Dvsty in the last clash of the first round. Both mixes are on Mixcloud this time, so I’ve expanded the voting system for this one. Give them a spin and don’t forget to click the heart beside the mix you like best, and you don’t don’t have a Mixcloud account, there’s more info on how to vote below. Continue reading

Spotlight: Grime Zone [Worldwide]


2014 has been a good year for Grime as the sound has continued to spread around the world, taking new twists and turns as more people pick up on it. A few people have had chart success, and there have been some huge events too, like the LOTM Boiler Room set, and the more recent Red Bull Culture Clash to name just two. But it seems that one thing still lacking is decent places to discuss everything that happens – and this is where Grime Zone [Worldwide] comes in. Continue reading

Coming Soon: Iron Deck Tournament


MC’s have Lord of the Mics, producers have Lord of the Beats, but what is there for the DJ’s out there? Why do they never really clash? Well, now they are. After what seems like months of planning, I can finally give you some info on the “Iron Deck Tournament”, exactly who is involved, and best of all, how you get to decide the outcome… Continue reading

Guestmix – DJ Sagepay

image (13) small


This is a big mix. Big on quality, big on the tracklist, and big in size. The only thing not big (yet) is the name DJ Sagepay, but then “DJ Sagepay” has only been in existence for a week or so now. So, who is DJ Sagepay and why am I blogging him? Well, the most important detail is that DJ Sagepay has dropped a fully fucked guestmix for you to download, and the rest of the story, like the guestmix its self, is below! Continue reading

Gundam – On Music, Refixing and More…


Gundam seems to have burst onto the scene from nowhere and has since had radio play from a variety of DJs, while racking up a calm few thousand Souncloud followers into the process, but was it really that straight forward? I spoke to Gundam about this, mixing, refixing, his forthcoming “Lover’s Cuts” EP, and um, Samurai Jack… Continue reading