Guestmix: Hustleblood


One of the best things about blogging is randomly checking your emails and finding something sick from somebody that you hadn’t previously heard of, and that’s exactly how I got this mix from Hustleblood. The tracklist for this mix is below. Hustleblood, I think, comes from Mexico, and that’s all I can really tell you…well, that and that this mix goes in differently. Continue reading

Guest Mix: JEB1


To say JEB1 is prolific is an understatement. A constant string of EPs, singles, edits, and dubs are just part of the story as JEB1 is just as likely to drop a vocal track as an instrumental, and, if that’s not enough to keep him busy, he’s also returned to mixing – the results of which you can hear below in an exclusive guest mix that contains plenty of unheard freshness from JEB himself, as well as some other bits and pieces to make your ears happy. Continue reading

Guest Mix: Cardinal Sound


Cambridge based “soundbwoy/guitar strummer/DJ” Cardinal Sound is in control for the latest guest mix on offer, and it comes with a tracklist that almost made me drool. “I wanted to do it properly,” he says of this mix. “I tried to cover all aspects: R&G, that newer wave stuff, and then just straight gas”, and I think it’s fair to say that it’s mission accomplished.
The mix is available to download below with full tracklist, and there are also a few links to some Cardinal Sound tunes, including the very sick “Pathway”. Continue reading

Guestmix: BacardiVybe (Part 2)


Time to welcome BacardiVybe back to the blog for the latest guestmix. If you read the blog often, you may remember how much grief we had uploading the first mix BacardiVybe dropped to Soundcloud, but this time there are no such issues, which means that you can check out the latest mix below. Continue reading

Sheik – Guestmix and Update


Considering that I only spoke to Sheik in July, I have to admit that I didn’t expect to be blogging about him again quite so soon, but when I saw that he was sending out guestmixes I jumped at the chance to get one for the blog, which you can get below. And that’s not all that’s going on in Sheik’s world, as I found out when I asked him a couple of questions… Continue reading

Dvsty – Guestmix and Interview

Having recently started a new Nasty FM show, and with his own productions cropping up on guestmixes all over the place, I thought it was time to talk to Glasgow’s Dvsty about Grime, production, influences, radio, why he hates Breaking Bad, and more. There’s also a guestmix from Dvsty himself, which you can download below. Continue reading