Guest Mix: Architect


Something a bit different with this guest mix from Architect, which sees grime combined with hip hop for reasons you can find out below. The mix also contains some of Architect’s own tracks, as well as some monsters from the likes of Finn, Iron Soul, Jme, Big Zuu, and a lot more.  Continue reading

Guest Mix: Triple S


Triple S first came to my attention with their brutal “Hungry” EP last year, and with their follow up EP, “Triple Dat”, already complete, this seemed like the perfect time to get Chemist RNS and MoJoe to jump on the turntables to give everyone a quick reminder of their sound. The results? 44 mins of madness, featuring dubs, VIPs, and some exclusive tracks from “Triple Dat”. Continue reading

Guest Mix: Toka


Toka first grabbed my attention with his remix of Gundam‘s “Thinking Bout U” last year, and his recent “Ishval” EP further marked him out as one to watch, so when I got the chance to grab a guest mix from the man himself, I was more than a little interested to see how that would sound. And it sounds sick, as you can hear for yourself below. Continue reading

Guest Mix: Archer (Krud Fam), All Vinyl



Guest mix time again, and this time round it’s Archer from one of my favourite production crews of recent times, Krud Fam. With tracks from the likes of Wiley, Ironsoul, DJ Garna, and Hindzy D in the mix, this is definitely one for the purists!
Get the full tracklist below, as well as more info on Archer. Continue reading

Guest Mix : DSL Official


It’s easy to write up something for this mix from DSL Official. If you’ve clocked him lately on Radar, Mode, Nasty FM, or anywhere else for that matter, you’ll notice that the guy is consistent as fuck with the heavy blends and chops, so, with the help of the Oxford Dictionaries list of synonyms for “brutal”, here’s a quick one from DSL that can only be described as “savage”, “vicious”, “violently brutal”, and “barbaric”. Enjoy! Continue reading

Guest Mix- DJ BPM


Resonance FM’s DJ BPM has been all over the globe recently, supporting the likes of Footsie, and S.K.!.T.Z Beatz, so it’s fair to say she’s on top form with this guest mix. Kicking things off with a classic, before going through the gears with new and unreleased tracks, this is over an hours worth of seemingly effortless mixing that seems to be over too soon.
Full tracklist, and more info, below. Continue reading

Guest Mix: Mr Bonez


I’ve got to be honest; I hadn’t heard of Mr Bonez until about 4 months back when he provided the mix for Blaydes’ “Shelling Sessions 2“, but his beat selection and blends were so on point that I was instantly impressed. These days he has his own show on Mode FM, so I figured it was about time to shout him for a guest mix, and it’s fair to say he didn’t disappoint. This mix is packed to bursting point with the best new MCs and some sick instrumentals, and you can hear that, and check the tracklist below. Continue reading