Guest Mix: Mr Bonez


I’ve got to be honest; I hadn’t heard of Mr Bonez until about 4 months back when he provided the mix for Blaydes’ “Shelling Sessions 2“, but his beat selection and blends were so on point that I was instantly impressed. These days he has his own show on Mode FM, so I figured it was about time to shout him for a guest mix, and it’s fair to say he didn’t disappoint. This mix is packed to bursting point with the best new MCs and some sick instrumentals, and you can hear that, and check the tracklist below. Continue reading

Spotlight: Grime Zone [Worldwide]


2014 has been a good year for Grime as the sound has continued to spread around the world, taking new twists and turns as more people pick up on it. A few people have had chart success, and there have been some huge events too, like the LOTM Boiler Room set, and the more recent Red Bull Culture Clash to name just two. But it seems that one thing still lacking is decent places to discuss everything that happens – and this is where Grime Zone [Worldwide] comes in. Continue reading