Iron Deck Tournament – Live this Sunday!


Next Sunday (July 19th) eight DJs will be clashing live on Radar Radio until only one, the winner, is left!
Who will win? Who will clang? I can’t answer that, but I can tell you, below, who is involved, what the rules are for each round, and how you can get involved in deciding who wins!¬† Continue reading

Guest Mix: DJ Stolen


Guest mix time, and this time it’s Bristol’s DJ Stolen stepping up to the decks. If you’ve caught any of his¬†regular mixes on Soundcloud, then you’ll know he has blends in abundance, but if you need further proof, you can also catch his new regular Radar Radio show, the latest of which is here. As for this mix, DJ Stolen says “it’s got some weirder stuff in there, and some club bits”, and you can hear it below, along with a full tracklist to drool over. Continue reading