Next Tune In… Mixed by DJ SagePay

Next Tune In… mixed by DJ SagePay

This time next week, I’ll be dropping “Next Tune In…”, a compilation of 15 brand new instrumentals, but a week is a long time in Grime, so, with that in mind, I got DJ Sagepay to run his magic in a mix of all the tracks on the compilation so that you can hear them before you download them. Continue reading

Next Tune In (Free Soon)

Next Tune In

I’ve been pulling together some tracks to drop as a free download soon. “Next Tune In” will feature 15 instrumentals that I feel show off the range of different sounds that are out there at the moment. The tracklist is above. Some of the tracks are peel-ya-face-off violent, others are more relaxed. There are producers you’ll know and some that you may not have heard of yet, but all of them have provided something that I hope you’ll enjoy. Continue reading

Iron Deck Tournament – Final


10 DJs started and now only two remain as the Iron Deck Tournament takes its toll and draws closer to its conclusion. The last two DJs standing are Scruloose and DJ Sagepay, and just like previous rounds, you decide the winner.
Both mixes are below, so give them a click and get your vote in by “liking” the mix you most prefer. Continue reading

*Updated* Iron Deck Tournament: Round 1 – Neffa-T versus DJ Sagepay


As one DJ gets KO’d from the Iron Deck Tournament, two more step up to try their luck. This time round we have Neffa-T and DJ Sagepay going head to head, and, if you heard the Kozee/Loom mixes, you’ll be glad to know that the levels are just as high. Both of those mixes are now available below for your judgement. Continue reading

Coming Soon: Iron Deck Tournament


MC’s have Lord of the Mics, producers have Lord of the Beats, but what is there for the DJ’s out there? Why do they never really clash? Well, now they are. After what seems like months of planning, I can finally give you some info on the “Iron Deck Tournament”, exactly who is involved, and best of all, how you get to decide the outcome… Continue reading

Guestmix – DJ Sagepay

image (13) small


This is a big mix. Big on quality, big on the tracklist, and big in size. The only thing not big (yet) is the name DJ Sagepay, but then “DJ Sagepay” has only been in existence for a week or so now. So, who is DJ Sagepay and why am I blogging him? Well, the most important detail is that DJ Sagepay has dropped a fully fucked guestmix for you to download, and the rest of the story, like the guestmix its self, is below! Continue reading