Dvsty – Guestmix and Interview

Having recently started a new Nasty FM show, and with his own productions cropping up on guestmixes all over the place, I thought it was time to talk to Glasgow’s Dvsty about Grime, production, influences, radio, why he hates Breaking Bad, and more. There’s also a guestmix from Dvsty himself, which you can download below. Continue reading

Streema – Constantly Improving


A lot of guy’s Twitter biographies make them sound as if they’re more successful than Simon Cowell, but when it comes to The Square’s Streema‘s bio, it simply says “sick MC and I come from South”, and that’s no idle boast! I’ve written about a few members of The Square over the last week or so, but Streema, in my opinion, is easily the most improved MC Continue reading