Free Download – Mang – “H0ld Me”


If you’ve paid any attention to this blog then you’ll have noticed that I’m a pervert for Beatgatherers tracks, and this one, “H0ld Me” by Mang, is no exception. More introspective than the stuff on his recent “7th Prefecture EP“, you can download H0ld Me below. Continue reading

Free Download: Pope – “Prelude”, plus Q&A…

KV4gaIUiIt took me days to think up the best way to start this write up. At first I was going to go heavy with the hyperbole, but everyone does that. I considered being honest and saying how, as I listen to so much, I feel jaded by music sometimes, but that Pope (and his Beatgatherers crew) has consistently dropped tracks that revitalise my ears. I even thought about a “God’s representative on Earth/his music is touching kids in the rave” style shit pun based on his name (sorry). Then I had a moment of clarity and realised the best thing that I could do would be to link you “Inuit” or “Illuminaughty” and then you’d see for yourself – Pope is sick. If this isn’t new to you, then “Prelude” definitely is, and you can download that below, as well as reading a quick Q&A with the man himself! Continue reading