Gundam: GUNDAM001, and Pulse Wedding Update

H6Mbdf3dI’m don’t usually do write ups on people’s various projects as there are too many of them, they often end up flopping or never getting a release, and also because I’m lazy, but tomorrow sees Gundam drop GUNDAM001, a collection of unreleased tracks alongside some that you may have previously missed, and if you’re a Gundam junkie, it’s in your interest to fully support this release. Here’s why… Continue reading

Free Download – Mang – “H0ld Me”


If you’ve paid any attention to this blog then you’ll have noticed that I’m a pervert for Beatgatherers tracks, and this one, “H0ld Me” by Mang, is no exception. More introspective than the stuff on his recent “7th Prefecture EP“, you can download H0ld Me below. Continue reading

Iron Deck Tournament – Live this Sunday!


Next Sunday (July 19th) eight DJs will be clashing live on Radar Radio until only one, the winner, is left!
Who will win? Who will clang? I can’t answer that, but I can tell you, below, who is involved, what the rules are for each round, and how you can get involved in deciding who wins!  Continue reading

Free Download: JEB1 “Sand June” ZIP File


Calling this a “leak” would be clickbait, but it is a leak of sorts, albeit one with JEB1’s permission. What we have here is a zip file consisting of 19 tracks that were sent exclusively to DJs and labels at the beginning of June.  Unfortunately for JEB1, PC issues mean none of these tracks will end up seeing an official release, but it does mean that I get to give you the tracks instead!
You can download the full zip below, where you can also stream and check out a few of my personal highlights too. Continue reading

Interview: Boylan on Edgem, Solo Stuff & More


2015, depending on who you talk to, means different things for Grime. For some, it’s the year that the vocal side of the scene was kicked out of its slumber by hungry young MCs like MicTy and Jammz. Other people will tell you it’s the year that “America discovered Grime”, but, when the time comes to look back, 2015 could be the year of the “super producer crew” (we’ll work out a better name later). Beatgatherers, Silk Road Assassins, Krud Fam… the list of people to watch for is longer every week, but for now, one crew leads the way – Edgem.
With a new EP, “Terror Fortress” out at midnight (13/7/2015), I spoke to Boylan about Edgem, hooking up with JT and Dullah, Drum & Bass, and more. Continue reading

Free Download: Pope – “Prelude”, plus Q&A…

KV4gaIUiIt took me days to think up the best way to start this write up. At first I was going to go heavy with the hyperbole, but everyone does that. I considered being honest and saying how, as I listen to so much, I feel jaded by music sometimes, but that Pope (and his Beatgatherers crew) has consistently dropped tracks that revitalise my ears. I even thought about a “God’s representative on Earth/his music is touching kids in the rave” style shit pun based on his name (sorry). Then I had a moment of clarity and realised the best thing that I could do would be to link you “Inuit” or “Illuminaughty” and then you’d see for yourself – Pope is sick. If this isn’t new to you, then “Prelude” definitely is, and you can download that below, as well as reading a quick Q&A with the man himself! Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Macchina’s “Fractal” (from Tobago Tracks 4:China)


After brief stopovers in France, Turkey, and America, Tobago Tracks turn their attention to the Far East for “Tobago Tracks 4: China”, which is out on the 26th of this month.
As there’s only 6 days to go until you can get you hands on it, I’m not going to say too much, but you can stream one of the tracks now, Macchina‘s relentless “Fractal”, exclusively below, where you can also find more information on this release. Continue reading