thathandsomemike – Born in the Cold

10710001_10203361734543210_1756809109_oTre Mission and Freeza Chin may have put Canada on the Grime map, but it seems that there’s lots more to come from out that way, with thathandsomemike being a case in point. The Ontario based producer is about to drop his new EP, “Bossy Security”, soon, but it turns out that he wouldn’t even have taken up production if it wasn’t for a comment he saw on the net. I asked thathandsomemike a few questions about his music, how he started, sampling Sidewinder, if Wiley should move to Canada, and more… Continue reading

Sun O.C (Progressive Intelligence) – Guestmix & Interview



Some of the best things are in the Nederlands, you won’t need me to point out what they are I’m sure, but one thing that deserves highlighting is Dutch label Progressive Intelligence. Since its conception a few years back, Progressive Intelligence have released singles and EPs by  producers such as Moony, Sirpixalot, JLSXND7RS, SRC. I spoke to Sun O.C, co-creator of the label, about future plans, Grime abroad, uses for 3D printers, and more. Oh, there’s also a sick guestmix which you can get below! Continue reading

YNGN on His Music, Grime in the States, DICKSQUAD and more…


Whether iTunes ever get round to realising that grime is a genre, I don’t know, but you only really need to spend a short amount of time on Soundcloud to see just how popular the music is at the moment, and that’s not just in the UK. YNGN is a producer and DJ based in San Diego, so I thought I’d ask him about his music, how grime goes down in the States, Anchorman, and more besides… Continue reading