Gundam: GUNDAM001, and Pulse Wedding Update

H6Mbdf3dI’m don’t usually do write ups on people’s various projects as there are too many of them, they often end up flopping or never getting a release, and also because I’m lazy, but tomorrow sees Gundam drop GUNDAM001, a collection of unreleased tracks alongside some that you may have previously missed, and if you’re a Gundam junkie, it’s in your interest to fully support this release. Here’s why… Continue reading

Preview: Rampage – “The Starting Line EP”


Wellingorough based MC Rampage drops his first EP, “The Starting Line”, on Friday, and if you wanted a rough idea of what’s in store there, the main word is: grease. Whether Rampage lives that life, I neither know nor care, but the first thing that grabs me on playing this EP is how authentic he sounds, which automatically elevates this release above the majority of MCs that run a similar line in lyrics. Below is a closer look at “The Starting Line”, and why I believe Rampage is yet another MC that’s well worth watching. Continue reading

Iron Deck Tournament – Live this Sunday!


Next Sunday (July 19th) eight DJs will be clashing live on Radar Radio until only one, the winner, is left!
Who will win? Who will clang? I can’t answer that, but I can tell you, below, who is involved, what the rules are for each round, and how you can get involved in deciding who wins!  Continue reading

*Updated* Iron Deck Tournament: Gundam vs Dvsty


It’s that time again, head to head time, and this time it’s Gundam versus Dvsty in the last clash of the first round. Both mixes are on Mixcloud this time, so I’ve expanded the voting system for this one. Give them a spin and don’t forget to click the heart beside the mix you like best, and you don’t don’t have a Mixcloud account, there’s more info on how to vote below. Continue reading

*Updated* Iron Deck Tournament: Round 1 – Neffa-T versus DJ Sagepay


As one DJ gets KO’d from the Iron Deck Tournament, two more step up to try their luck. This time round we have Neffa-T and DJ Sagepay going head to head, and, if you heard the Kozee/Loom mixes, you’ll be glad to know that the levels are just as high. Both of those mixes are now available below for your judgement. Continue reading

*Updated* Iron Deck Tournament: Round One – Kozee Vs. Loom


“War, what is it good for?”, I’ll tell you – separating the wheat from the chaff, and that’s the aim right now as the first clash of the Iron Deck Tournament is up and ready for your judgement!
If you’re not already familiar with the rules and format of the tournament, click here for more info.

For the first head to head in round one, we have Kozee versus Loom Continue reading