Guest Mix: Architect


Something a bit different with this guest mix from Architect, which sees grime combined with hip hop for reasons you can find out below. The mix also contains some of Architect’s own tracks, as well as some monsters from the likes of Finn, Iron Soul, Jme, Big Zuu, and a lot more. 

GrimeDisciple (GD): The mix you’ve put together obviously takes in more than just grime. What was your thinking behind the tracklist/putting this mix together?

Architect (A): Yeah, I’ve always been into rap music of all forms. There’s a darkness and rawness to a lot of rap coming from southern states in the U.S. since the 90’s that has similarities with Grime. The emphasis on bass and percussion, the atmosphere, and even vocally; I think the two can work quite well together. However, I feel it isn’t done very well most of the time. The trap/grime blends that are about aren’t really subtle enough, I think that, a lot of then time, wrong elements are used, but that’s just my opinion. Some people do it immaculately – Silk Road assassins for example are too sick. But yeah, in short, I’m inspired by Grime and rap – a lot of my music contains a blend of the two, and I wanted to showcase some of that while also showing some major influences; Lil Ugly Mane, for example.

GD: Any news on a release for any of your own tracks?

A: An EP is in the works. It has been for a while, but things get in the way. Hopefully it’ll happen, till then I’m just gonna keep making music.

GD: You have a hand in running Lord of the Tings – how did that start, and what do you have lined up for your next event?

A: My boy Isaac, who is at uni with me, started the night with the intention of using people he knew as residents. He’s lucky to know Skanky from Lazerpiff from back home, and Marcus (Marcx) who’s at Manchester with us, so we had a pretty strong group of resident DJs. The idea was to play a bunch of music that a lot of student nights in Manchester don’t play, or lie about playing, and also booking some names for us to play alongside. I’ve started to have more say in the organisation/running of things recently, which has been great. Not gonna lie, it’s been a bit mad how popular the nights been, huge credit to Isaac for that and also the other residents for regularly slaying it.
I’m very happy to be a part of it. We got Jammz and Spyro for our first one back in Manchester this year – it’s gonna be live.

Follow Architect here on Twitter, and here on Soundcloud for full updates from him.

Until You Hang Up – Lil Ugly Mane
Flexa$ – DT Blanco
Uneven Compromise I – Lil Ugly Mane
Woes – Architect
Mask and Da Glock – Three 6 Mafia
Guzhen – Architect
Scorpion Cache (Neana Remix) – SPF666
Names (Samename Remix) – Danny Weed
O Lo Anthem – Fallow & Grizzle
OTL – Marcx
Blink – Starfox
Who? – Big Zuu
Before This – Wiley
R U Dumb? – JME Feat. Wiley, Cookie, Tempa T
Keep Calling (Fallow’s Keep Ballin’ Remix) – Finn
Ancient Tribe – Architect
Straight (Vocal) – JME
I Tried – Nammy Wams
Gengar’s Junkyard – Architect
Escape from Agrabah – Big Deann & Lemzly Dale
Can’t Be – Terror Danjah & Griminal
Mantis – Architect
Chinese Water – Iron Soul
Miharu – Nammy Wams
The Bones Dance – Architect
Hopelessly Crunk – Club Athletics
Monkey Features – Trim
Bluestone the Magic Man – Architect
Straight (Vocal) – Shizzle
Carni Riddim – Architect
Gun Fight – Mr Keas
Creepy Crawler – Terror Danjah and Griminal
Baliff – Dvsty
Nike Mecurial Vapours – Architect
Fetish – Nammy Wams
Calavera – Grizzle


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