Gundam: GUNDAM001, and Pulse Wedding Update

H6Mbdf3dI’m don’t usually do write ups on people’s various projects as there are too many of them, they often end up flopping or never getting a release, and also because I’m lazy, but tomorrow sees Gundam drop GUNDAM001, a collection of unreleased tracks alongside some that you may have previously missed, and if you’re a Gundam junkie, it’s in your interest to fully support this release. Here’s why…

First of all, and most obviously, this is a weighty release. Whether you prefer Gundam’s more sugary edits, or his more brutal cuts, GUNDAM001 has both.
None of the tracks here had, or will have, an official release, and as Gundam’s hard drive packed up recently, this could be your only chance to grab the majority of these tracks.
Thirdly, GUNDAM001 will be up as a “pay what you want” release, and this is the important part; yes, you can go and grab it for free if you honestly think that’s what it’s worth (although you’re lying to yourself if you do), but any mon… nah, hold on, let me stress this part a bit more… ANY MONEY RECEIVED WILL GO TOWARDS FINANCING THE RELEASE OF “PULSE WEDDING” ON VINYL!*

So yeah, support GUNDAM001 (properly) because it’s only going to lead to more good music. And while we’re on the subject of Gundam releases, this one with Nights isn’t too far away either…

Follow Gundam here on Twitter, or here on Soundcloud to stay up to date with all these releases etc. You can also grab a “Nyoubou” Bundle pack for a bargain £14, here

*I make no apology for how gassed I am for Pulse Wedding vinyl, and I don’t even have decks.


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