Guest Mix: Triple S


Triple S first came to my attention with their brutal “Hungry” EP last year, and with their follow up EP, “Triple Dat”, already complete, this seemed like the perfect time to get Chemist RNS and MoJoe to jump on the turntables to give everyone a quick reminder of their sound. The results? 44 mins of madness, featuring dubs, VIPs, and some exclusive tracks from “Triple Dat”.


Triple S – Untitled (Dub)
Triple S X Big Dog Yogo – Bunnin on Ma Cheez VIP (Dub)
Tb’s Club – 51 (Dub)
Triple S – Buttons (Forthcoming PAR)
Triple S – Hungry II (Dub)
Triple S – 2099 VIP (Forthcoming PAR)
Triple S – Say Suttin (Forthcoming PAR)
Vern & Milla – Let’s Go (Dub)
Chemist_RNS – Stare (Forthcoming PAR)
Drone – Skengman Mode (Mr. Dubz Remix – PAR)
Triple S – Yeah (GD Dub)
Triple S – Triple Dat (Forthcoming PAR)
Triple S – Road Life (Dub)
Triple S – Amnesia VIP (Dub)
Triple S – Virtual (Forthcoming PAR)
Maniac – Cardiac Arrest
Adam Mac & Dubzta – Speed (Triple S Remix – PAR)
Dellity – Vanilla Smoke
Triple S – A7 (Dub)
Triple S – Drama VIP (Dub)
Girl Unit – IRL
Lil Silva – New Squeeze
Triple S – Moon Base (PAR)
Kingdom – Takedown Notice (Neana Bootleg)

Follow Triple S on Twitter here, or here on Soundcloud to keep updated on “Triple Dat”.

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