Iron Deck Tournament – Live this Sunday!


Next Sunday (July 19th) eight DJs will be clashing live on Radar Radio until only one, the winner, is left!
Who will win? Who will clang? I can’t answer that, but I can tell you, below, who is involved, what the rules are for each round, and how you can get involved in deciding who wins! 

Above is a snippet of the Iron Deck theme by Triple S. Music to riot to, right? That’s gonna be played at 2pm on the day, and that track means it’s time for the main event – 8 DJs flinging dubs at each other!
This years line-up is even more varied than last years, incorporating DJs from the UK, Holland, and Australia.

The DJs clashing are: Sirpixalot, J Beatz, Juzlo, Invader Spade, Jack Dat, Sun OC, DJ Stolen, and Sheik.

Round 1: DJs will be paired into head 2 heads. There will be 4 head to head clashes. DJs will play “anonymously” for 30mins each with the DJ judged to have dropped the best set going through to round 2. There will be a strict no dubs/unreleased tracks rule in effect for this round. The reason behind the rules and anonymity is to allow the DJs to be judged for what they do on the day, and not by who has the “biggest” name/most followers.

Round 2: Down to 4 DJs now. They will again be split into head to head clashes and get 30mins to play their set. There is no anonymity in this round, and dubs/unreleased tracks are good to go too. This round will be decided by guest judges, with 2 DJs going through to…

The Final: You ever seen a wrestling cage match where a guy will just casually break out a ladder to use as a weapon? The final round will be like that, with DJs free to use anything to kill off their opponent. Each DJ will get 40mins each this time, with the overall winner decided by the listeners/social networks.

Hosting duties will be handled by Row. D, so you know the energy levels will stay high, and the whole thing will be live on Radar from 2pm-10pm next Sunday. Shell TV will also be filming for anyone mad enough not to lock in on the day.

Twitter links for the people involved are dotted throughout this post. Huge thanks to Reece O’Toole for the artwork and design, and to Radar Radio and Shell TV for their help.

Row. D on Soundcloud
Jack Dat on Soundcloud
Sirpixalot on Soundcloud
Juzlo on Soundcloud
Invader Spade on Soundcloud
Sheik on Soundcloud
J Beatz on Soundcloud
Sun OC on Soundcloud
DJ Stolen on Soundcloud


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