Coming Soon: Gundam – “Nyoubou” LP


When Flowdan said “no gyal tune”, Gundam couldn’t have been listening, as the human refix machine is back with “Nyoubou”, an album so crammed full of sweet, soulful R&B edits that it should come with a diabetes warning.

Stand out tracks for me so far are: “Pool Girls”, “Sunset Cruise”, and “Prom Queen”.

Nyoubou (Japanese for “wife”) is out on the 13th of May for the bargain price of £6. Gundam fanboys/fanbaes (sorry) like myself may also be interested in the Nyoubou bundle pack.


The bundle pack is 28 quid and comes with: download codes to Nyoubou (with early access to the tracks), that luscious looking Gundam T-shirt that’s pictured above, some Gundam stickers, wallpapers, AND this little beauty as an exclusive bonus track!

The bonus pack is limited to just 50, so if you want it, you better strike soon. You can order that, or Nyoubou, by clicking here!

You can follow Gundam here on Twitter and here on Soundcloud.


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