A little round up…


If you’ve been a fan of Grime music for any amount of time, the chances are that you’re able to write out a list of songs that you love that just never got released. Whatever the reasons that those tracks don’t see the light of day, as a listener, it can be frustrating. Which is why today is one of those things that’s something of a novelty: as today there seems to be a whole glut of releases. So many releases in fact, that it’s hard to know where to spend your money. With that in mind, I thought I’d have a look over some of the releases that have caught my attention over the last few weeks, and which, if any, deserve your money. With appearances from the likes of Kid D, Iglew, Izzie Gibbs, and more, this one could get expensive.

First up, Dark Elements’ producer SkinzMann teams up with Izzie Gibbs for the “Blacked Out” EP. Izzie holds down the chorus on this one, and you get 4 remixes on the EP that take in MCs from across the UK and beyond. Quality is assured when you have MCs like Vader and the underrated Dizzle Kid on board, but the real highlight for me was a verse from Japan’s Pakin. I have no idea what he’s on about, but Jesus, he sounds sick saying it anyway. More international hook ups, please.
Out now on Titanium Audio, click here to cop that on iTunes.

Kid D, just like Colonel Sanders, perfected his recipe years ago, and, as his new EP, “RnG God”, demonstrates, it’s still as nice as it ever was. There are 6 tracks on offer here, the best of the bunch being the more introspective “Time”. In all honesty, “RnG God” is unlikely to win Kid D any new fans, but if you’re not already a fan of the Kid’s R&B infused tapestries then you probably lack a soul anyway. Unconvinced? Then click here for a free download “Wait”, that should help seal the deal.
Out now on iTunes.

Gobstopper Records make the step up to vinyl for the release of Iglew‘s “Urban Myths” EP, and it’s a beauty. Trying to define this EP in a few words would be an insult, so I’m just going to advise you to press play on the previews above, if you haven’t heard it already. The highlights here, for me, are “Regalia”, and the title track, but there is nothing here that disappoints.
“Urban Myths” is out now on digital and vinyl.

If you’ve copped everything mentioned so far, you’ve probably spent around £20, so here’s a freebie from quite possibly the best MC in the game today, Jammz. The original “Hit Then Run” EP dropped the other month, but now you can get the remix EP, which features Tre Mission, Audio Slugs, Mystry, John Brown the Rebel, Matt Wizard, and Filthy Gears. The stand out versions for me though come from Fallow and Boofy.
Interested? The click here, put in your email and get it for free.

SRC makes a welcome return with “Rat Road”, out now on Progressive Intelligence. The original track has its eyes firmly on the dancefloor, while Trends takes the original into a dark corner and beats seven shades of shit out of it. “Flux” makes up the final track of the EP. Recommended.
Out now, click here to purchase.

A few months back, Hear Other Sounds dropped previews of their 10th release. All normal so far. What they didn’t do was tell anyone who actually made the thing, choosing instead to keep things low-key and mysterious. Who the Hell was “????”? I had no idea, but the music sounded amazing. The identity of the producer? Fresh Paul. The release? The “Blue Knuckle” EP, which is my favourite thing in this round up. There are only 3 tracks on offer here, but picking a favourite from the is impossible. If you’d have asked yesterday I’d have said “Crushup”, today I’m all about “Nicads”, and that’s half the beauty of this EP – it just keeps on giving. Speaking of giving, you can also get some free Fresh Paul by clicking here.

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