Review: A Sift Through Angry Youth’s “Zift City Volume 1”


It seems like you can’t turn around at the moment without someone smacking you in the face with a compilation of tracks, but when they’re as good as Angry Youth’s “Zift City Volume 1” you can’t really go wrong. Angry Youth is a collective formed by Greywan and Zgjim, and, if this compilation is any kind of signpost for the tracks they’ll be releasing, the future looks bright. With 14 instrumentals on offer from the likes of Ice Pope, LTHL, J(ay) A.D. and more, this was one I had to have a closer look at…

The first thing to point out is the overall feel of Zift City. Of all the compilations to have surfaced over recent months, Zift City is perhaps the most cohesive of the lot. Generally, Zift City brings a more emotive (yeah, I hate that word too) feel, with tracks aimed more for the heart and soul than for the club. One for the 8 bar loop guys, this ain’t.

Being blunt, breaking the tracks down for individual review would be stupid as there is nothing on Zift City that I’m not feeling, but the highlights for me include Ice Pope’s moody but gorgeous “Inuit Breakfast”, Glot‘s “winter redux” take on Gronos1‘s “Ride With Me”. J(ay) A.D. gives another example of how to make Bjork moist with “Stop Looking At Me”, while Wumpa Fruit keep things more brutal with “Gutterball”. LTHL brings some kind of eski-ketamine to the party, and… shit, I’m singling everything out for praise even when I said I wouldn’t – which is further proof to how much I’m feeling Zift City, I suppose.

With a bunch more recommended tracks from the likes of Torai, Ur Ill, and Dvsty, Zift City has a lot in it’s favour, but maybe the most surprising aspect of it is the tracks from people like Etevleh, Marshall, Bokeh & Lowquid, and Kinderleng – all of whom are relatively unknown to me, but who all drop things that make me wanna hear more, and that, for me, makes Zift City an essential download on it’s own.

Enough talk anyway, you can get Zift City for free and make your own mind up here in one handy zip, or you can follow Angry Youth on Soundcloud here and cherry pick the tracks you’re feeling.
Twitter links for the artists on Zift City are inserted throughout this post (where known).


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