Free Compilation: Next Tune In…

Next Tune In… Cover

If you’ve kept an eye on the blog over recent weeks, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been promising a free compilation, and it’s finally ready to download now! Considering I put this together, it would be a bit shit of me to sit here and tell you that it’s sick – I would say that, but given that the tracks on “Next Tune In…” have been getting radio rotation on Rinse FM, Radar, Mode FM, Resonance FM, and a bunch of other stations, it’s at least fair to say that this is something that you should enjoy.
The download link is below, as well as contact info on the artists involved, so go get it now!

With 15 tracks from 16 producers, you should find something you rate, and if you do rate something, please follow the artist that made it. Twitter/Soundcloud links are in the tracklist below.

No Mo – Ice Pope and Graves
Final Ending – Archer
Ethos – Page
Conflict – Scruloose
Oh Boy – Invader Spade
112 Riddim – Damp£
Bluestone the Magic Man – Architect
Anxiety VIP – Eso
Jeju Island – Lington
Weirdo Dub – Vern + Milla
スープラ – LTHL
Bushido – A.T
Flawless Rebound – Spurz
Devils – Barla
They Don’t Understand – Gronos1

Finally then, thanks to everyone supporting “Next Tune In…”, the DJs and other bloggers, and everyone else playing it.
Special thanks to DJ SagePay for the artwork, and to Perry Harding for the photography. Extra special thanks to all the artists involved. I’ll shut up now.

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