Next Tune In… Mixed by DJ SagePay

Next Tune In… mixed by DJ SagePay

This time next week, I’ll be dropping “Next Tune In…”, a compilation of 15 brand new instrumentals, but a week is a long time in Grime, so, with that in mind, I got DJ Sagepay to run his magic in a mix of all the tracks on the compilation so that you can hear them before you download them.

No Mo – Ice Pope + Graves
Final Ending – Archer
Ethos – Page
Conflict – Scruloose
Oh Boy – Invader Spade
112 Riddim – Damp£
Bluestone the Magic Man – Architect
Anxiety VIP – Eso
Jeju Island – Lington
Weirdo Dub – Vern + Milla
スープラ – LTHL
Bushido – A.T
Flawless Rebound – Spurz
Devils – Barla
They Don’t Understand – Gronos1

Remember that all tunes in this mix will be available for free here next week, so don’t think of this as a g-mix, it’s more of a pree-mix.

Special shouts to DJ SagePay for the mix and artwork, and to Perry Harding for the original photography (check out more of Perry’s photos here).

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