The Vinyl Word: Nomis’ White Labels


We’re going through crates and boxes like it was Cash In The Attic again now, this time it’s producer/DJ Nomis picking out the ten white labels he rates highest. Nomis is dropping a sick Garage 12″, “Symphony/Backstage”, on Bumps very soon, but with tracks in this top ten from the likes of Mondie, Dexplicit, and Lewi White, this one’s 100% Grime.
So, over to Nomis for his top ten tunes (in no particular order)…

1) Akala – Roll Wid Us (Dexplicit Instrumental)


Nomis: “Straight classic. The drums were so different to your typical grime beat too”

2) JME – Skate Park

Nomis: “one of jme’s overlooked beats, been a percy for years”

3) Skepta vs Mondie – Straight Thugz


Nomis: “A clash of two tracks I would have put in my 10 individually, but this culmination of the two gives you the best of both worlds”

4) Ruff Sqwad – Love Me Feel

Ruff SqwadNomis: “Ruff Sqwad were notorious for having them emotional grime beats; another overlooked one from them, I feel”

5) Donae’o & Wiley – Change


Nomis: “Not many people know about this tune; a revocal of Twista’s “Overnight Celebrity”. Heavy refix on the flip too”.

6) Dr Venom – Horse

Nomis: “From a guy who now is part of a indie/rock band (Hadouken!), but 10 years back was a gully producer. This one along with a lot of his stuff is sick”

7) Pandora’s Box – Eskibongo

Nomis: “Wiley vs Youngstar vs DJ Wire = classic bootleg of 3 classic beats”

8) Lewi White – Platoon (Jammer Remix)

Nomis: “from Ghetto‘s vocal to the beat, to Jammer’s remix, this has always been a favourite”

9) DJ Mex – Slow

DJ Mex

Nomis: “Out and out classic grime instrumental, especially if you’re from South London”

10) Ginja – Delboys Theme (Wiley Dub Mix)


Nomis: “I never even knew about this tune until I bought a job lot and this was in there, British culture at its finest – Grime vs Only Fools and Horses”

And that should be that, but Nomis has a request. “Can I do a few honourable mentions?”, so here’s a few extra links (where possible) to a few more classics:
Ruff Sqwad – Functions On the Low
Flirta D – Hoe Vocal
Ribz – Do You Know About
Dizzee Rascal – Strings Hoe

If you’re near Brixton tonight (6/3), you can catch Nomis playing at the Bumps all vinyl Grime & Garage night, alongside Horsepower Productions, Riz La Teef, Spindark, Sheik, and Umpah – more info on that here.

“Symphony/Backstage” drops via Bumps next month as a strictly 12″ vinyl release.

Follow Nomis on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Facebook to keep updated, and if that’s not enough Nomis for you, catch him fortnightly on Sub FM, Sundays 7-9PM.





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