The Vinyl Word: Levo’s White Labels


Flex FM DJ and Bumps Familia linchpin Levo gets things under way for what should be the start of a regular feature where we get to go through the crates of various DJs in an attempt to unearth some classic, and quite often lost, white label vinyl.

Having just started his “Levo’s Box” channel on Youtube which shines a light on exactly this kind of thing, Levo seemed like the most obvious choice to present his top ten, which you can see below. Classics in this one from the likes of Smasher, Mr Wong, Skepta, Iron Soul, and more.

So, in no order, I’ll leave it with Levo to talk you through.

1) Mr Wong – Long Road

Levo: “One of my all time favourite artists – period, got serious love for this beat”

2) Brothers Grimm / Dynasty Crew – Chinatown


Levo: “Both this & A.W.O.L deserve a mention but this just slightly tops it

3) Skepta – Untitled


Levo: “Skepta’s best production, in my opinion

4) Smasher – Dragon Slayer


Levo: “Another forgotten gem lost in time”


5) Cotti – Erkle Riddim


Levo: “Soon as I picked this up, I was hooked for years”


6) Mr Wong & Jammer – Chinkrasta

Levo: “Another Wong white label, but I couldn’t leave this out really, could I?”


7) Iron Soul – Don’t Know Me


Levo: “One of Iron Soul’s many classics”


8) Mastabeatz – Bounce


Levo: “If you know, you know, but this is a straight gritty beat”


9) Floops – Melody 

Levo: “Floops is another guy where it’s hard to select just one particular beat, but Melody is a timeless classic”


10) Davinche / Essentials – Doin’ It Now

Levo: “New Cross Gate, Brockley, Catford, Brixton Way… School anthem”

If that list has left you thirsty for more, then click here to go to Levo’s Box on Youtube, where you’ll find some more classics that didn’t make this top ten.
And now you know how Levo rolls, you might also want to go along to Bumps at The Dogstar Brixton in 4 days time (March 6th) where you can catch him playing out alongside Riz La Teef, Nomis, Sheik, Spindark, and Umpah. More info on that here.

All photos used in this post are courtesy of Levo who gave me pics of all ten tunes listed, cos The Vinyl Word ain’t for rippers.









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