Review: Nolay – Don’t Stop ft P Money & Blacks

mwtisbxbayffeugjfpc4As if Nolay dropping an album wasn’t already enough to have me gassed, she’s now throwing out tunes like “Don’t Stop” featuring OG veterans P Money, and Blacks to really whet the appetite for “Holy Sinners” (out 30th January)! So, the only thing you should really wanna know is: does a tune with 3 of the hardest mic-wreckers to grace Grime live up to expectations?

Short answer – oh yes! You can hear it above now as it just got streamed via Complex.

Kicking things off for the first verse is P Money. If you’ve heard any of P’s stuff lately, then you’ll know the kind of weighty flows he’s been using lately, and they’re on full display again here. “When I bust Grime, your face is gonna go pop!”, sprays P, and it sets the general tone for “Don’t Stop” nicely.

Nolay takes the second verse. Her last line on this is “everybody knows I’m a motherfucking spinners”, and if they didn’t know that already, they’ll know for sure after hearing this. Putting gender aside, Nolay is one of my favourite MCs, full stop. Here she’s in full-on shelling mode, and her form on this one bodes really well for “Holy Sinners”.

Blacks handles the last verse and keeps the levels way up there! I personally feel that the beat suits Blacks best of all of the MCs on show here. And what of the beat specifically? Well, Jay Jay Musika provides that, and it’s a hard one to label as it pulls in elements from Grime, the very occasional roll of Trap style high-hats, and vocally pitched up “don’t stop” vocal sample that runs throughout. If that sounds messy, then blame me, cos the beat is on point!
All in all, “Don’t Stop” surpassed the expectations I had for it when I saw who was involved, and considering how highly I rate all three MCs, that speaks volumes for how good this track is. With forthcoming features on “Holy Sinners” from the likes of P, Blacks, and also Dot Rotten amongst others, 2015  should hopefully be a huge year for Nolay.

Nolay on Twitter.
P Money on Twitter.
Blacks on Twitter.

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