M.I.K. – Ghost Writing (Interview)


“Guess who’s back with a fresh one…”, yep, M.I.K. drops his eagerly awaited “Ghost Writer” album at midnight and, judging from the previews, it sounds massive. I caught up with M.I.K., who for me remains one of the most consistently sick MCs in the scene, to ask him about the new album, Family Tree, clashing, working with different producers, and more.

GrimeDisciple (GD): What’s with the title “Ghost Writer” for the new album? Why did you call it that, is there a theme behind the album?

M.I.K.: I called it Ghost Writer because I feel a lot of what I do in terms of flow patterns, styles, lyric structure and songs get imitated without the people doing it even knowing they’re doing it, so, initially, that’s where the title came from. I wouldn’t say there’s an actual theme for the album, it’s just music for the people that I’ve created while in the moment.

GD: When can we expect to hear Ghost Writer? Can you tell me about any features, or who is on production duty?

M.I.K.: Well, you can pre order it right now, and it will be officially out December 1st in digital and physical form.
I’ve got Family Tree’s YGA & Jack Mason, Starkey, Flava D, Footsie, Matt Wizard, and Asa & Sorrow just to name a few on the production side. As for the vocal side there’s Family Tree, Foostie, Devilman, Trilla and a fairly new guy called Ten Dixon who I’m really rating at the moment on there. I wanted to kept it minimal this time round.

GD: You’re one of the few MCs that jumps on beats by people like OH91, and Asa & Sorrow. Why do you think so many other MCs stay away from those kind of beats, and who do you rate production-wise at the moment?

M.I.K.: I’ve always been open minded when it comes to productions, so that’s just natural for me to vocal a “lesser known” producers beat. I mean if the sound is what I’m feeling that’s all I care about. I really can’t say why MCs stay away from certain productions, you’d have to ask them that question, but right now, for me, I’m rating Boogie, Asa & Sorrow, Foostie, Splurt, YGA & Jack Mason.

GD: Do you feel you get the respect that you deserve in the scene? 

M.I.K.: I mean within the actual scene yeah, but there’s always more room for exposure among the masses.

GD: Is there any news of a Family Tree album/mixtape? If not, are we ever likely to hear one?

M.I.K.: The FT album is complete, but since it’s been done our levels as a team have risen a lot so I feel we need to redo a lot of it.

GD: You’re an MC that seems to love war, and your voice is sampled in a tonne of war dubs. Do you feel that clashing raises your levels, and do you have anyone in mind that you’d really like to clash? If so, why them lol?

M.I.K.: When I first started writing lyrics every bar was a war styled lyric, even though I wasn’t actually in a war with no one, so it’s fair to say I’ve always been able to adapt to a war-ish environment. It definitely raises my levels cos that’s what I came in the game doing in a sense, if you get me. I don’t feel the need to clash anyone right now, but if a genuine opportunity came along I would be more then ready for it.

GD: So, would you be interested in going back on LOTM? Theoretically, do you think there’s room for a full crew clash, like Family Tree Vs StayFresh, for example?

M.I.K.: I really don’t feel there’s anyone that could stand in war against FT. We’re all stone cold barrers, but you never know.  As for LOTM it has to make sense for me to do it again.

GD: You’ve been dropping the “When I Was A Yout” series , but how many of those are there likely to be, and just how many good tunes are sat on your hard drive that could be released?

M.I.K.: Yeah, I finished with that at volume 4, so that’s all done. Let’s just say I could’ve carried the series on till like volume 10, maybe 15, if I wanted to, so that’s how much old tracks I’ve still got laying about.

GD: Is there anybody you’d like to collaborate with, MC/singers/producers?

M.I.K.: Erm, MCs just Prez T really, that’s it. Not fussed about singers and producers.

GD: What’s the maddest thing you’ve seen go off in a rave?

M.I.K.: Probably the time I was in Stoke performing and saw a guy in the crowd dancing away, he had a Pot Noddle in one hand and a Red Stripe in the other, more random then mad really [he laughs].

GD:  If you could create 3 laws for social networking, what would they be?

M.I.K.: 1. No Twitter spamming. Example: @’in me a link to your “Hot Nigga Freestyle” every 10 minutes.
2. No baby mums on Instagram.
3. No baby mums on Facebook.

You can get your hands on Ghost Writer in just a few hours by clicking here for digital, or here and here for the physical version. Don’t forget to follow M.I.K. on Twitter and on Soundcloud.



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