*Updated* Iron Deck Tournament: Round 1 – Neffa-T versus DJ Sagepay


As one DJ gets KO’d from the Iron Deck Tournament, two more step up to try their luck. This time round we have Neffa-T and DJ Sagepay going head to head, and, if you heard the Kozee/Loom mixes, you’ll be glad to know that the levels are just as high. Both of those mixes are now available below for your judgement.

*Update* voting is now closed for this round. Neffa-T took the most votes in this head to head, but, due to an increased schedule, is unable to proceed to round 2. To keep the format “as is”, DJ Sagepay progresses in Neffa-T’s place.

If you’re not sure of how to vote, you can get more details here.

About The DJs

neffa t

DJ, producer, and co-owner of Foundation, it’s fair to say that Bournemouth’s Neffa-T is a busy guy. Thankfully he found time to return to his roots as he serves up a heavy mix for round 1. If you’re unfamiliar with Neffa-T, I can recommend this set which finds Neffa-T on decks and the legendary Flirta D on mic duties.

Neffa-T on Twitter. Neffa-T on Soundcloud.

image (13) halloween special

It’s been a good year for DJ Sagepay so far as he’s managed a whole heap of personal firsts, including his first guestmix, as well as adding to his appearances on radio. If that’s not enough, he’s also destroyed a few dancefloors along the way.
2015 should see him move further forward, and it seems like more mixes are just around the corner, so stay locked.

DJ Sagepay on Twitter. DJ Sagepay on Soundcloud.

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