Coming Soon: Iron Deck Tournament


MC’s have Lord of the Mics, producers have Lord of the Beats, but what is there for the DJ’s out there? Why do they never really clash? Well, now they are. After what seems like months of planning, I can finally give you some info on the “Iron Deck Tournament”, exactly who is involved, and best of all, how you get to decide the outcome…

What is the Iron Deck Tournament?
I could tell you how this is based on an ancient Chinese endurance test, but I’d be lying. Instead, 10 DJ’s have agreed to “leave their followers behind” and take up the challenge as anonymously as possible in an attempt to make the Iron Deck Tournament as much about skill as it can be.
For round one, DJ’s will be paired against each other in a “blind head 2 head” test. You will know exactly which DJ is battling against who, but not which mix is which. The winner of each head 2 head in round one will progress to round two, where all 5 remaining DJ’s in the contest will provide new mixes which will again go out anonymously. The overall winner will be decided via “likes” received on Soundcloud.
Also, in a further attempt to keep this as fair and as about skill as possible, there is a strict “no dubs, no sync mixes” policy!

Who is taking part, and when will the mixes be available?
As you can see from the promo poster (big up DJ Sagepay for that, btw!), I’ve tried to make it as eclectic as possible, so whatever kind of style you rate, you should find it here somewhere!
I have also thrown all the names into a snapback* and drawn out round one, so here it is:

Loom versus Kozee

Neffa T versus DJ Sagepay

Unkey versus Courts 

Riz La Teef versus Scruloose

Dvsty versus Gundam

Mixes are in the process of being recorded right now, so look out for more info on those soon.

I thought this was an anonymous contest?
It is, and will be. Although you know who is involved and who is against who, none of the mixes will be posted with the DJ’s name attached, instead they will be posted like this, for example:

“Round 1: Dvsty versus Gundam
Mix 1 *playable link*
Mix 2 *playable link*”

And, if you think you can figure out each DJ still, think again – I’ve asked them all to bring something a bit different to the table for this one.

How do I vote?
To keep it simple, all you have to do is click like on the mixes you like best. If you don’t have a Soundcloud account for some reason, get at me on Twitter and I’ll work out another way to enable you to vote.

So that’s it. Those are the 10 DJs, and those are the rules. Keep an eye out on the blog for more info soon!

*I don’t really own a snapback.





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