Weekly Round-up – The Best of This Week #1


Every Monday I’m going to post up links to what I think are the best new tunes to have appeared over the last week or so. This week: Kid D, Big Deann & Lemzly Dale, LTHL, Bazza, Sexworker, Slackk and more…

Kid D set the levels this week with four tunes on Soundcloud. “Don’t Forget Me”, above, is a perfect example of the Kid D sound, and that one is forthcoming on No Hats, No Hoods. If that wasn’t enough, Kid D also gave out 3 free downloads, “Cyborg” is the pick of the three for me, but I can’t think of a single bad Kid D tune, so make sure you also check out both “What“, and “Tell Me A Fable“.

Zha‘s White Peach Records have posted “Peach Bits Volume 2”, this time featuring tracks from Notion, Impey, and Zha himself, but the real fire on this EP is Big Deann & Lemzly Dale‘s “Escape From Agrabah”, a tune that makes this EP an instacop on its own as it’s that good. Out on the 22nd of this month, you can pre-order that here.

With 7 tracks on Soundcloud since signing up a month ago, LTHL is someone to keep an eye on. “NMMND” (On My Mind) has recently started picking up radio plays, and today LTHL also uploaded his bootleg of Cassie’s “Me & U” as a free download.

A favourite for a while, Bazza‘s “Sin” gets a release on Bandcamp, and at a bargain £1.50 there’s not really any reason not to cop this. Get that here.

No stream for this next tune, but as he also threw the above war dub at Slackk yesterday, it seems like the perfect time to mention Korma‘s remix of Riko Dan’s “Woo Riddim”. That’s another tune you can cop here on Bandcamp, this time as a “pay what you want” deal. And speaking of Slackk, if you’ve read this far it’s probably safe to say that you’re already aware that his “Palm Tree Fire” album came out recently on Local Action. Top tracks for me are: “Tree Kingdoms”, “Puma Walk”, “Hesitate”, and the sadly too short “T-Shirt & Knickers”. Available now on vinyl or digital, I copped my copy from here.

International collaboration time now as the superbly named Sexworker teams up with Portugal’s Blastah for “Boo”. I’ve been lucky enough to hear the finished version of this and it very sick indeed. There’s also a vocal edit floating around of this tune too, and although I’m not saying who is on it yet, I’d imagine it’s very likely you’ll hear that on radio/in mixes soon enough.

Glasgow based Dvsty is gradually filling his Soundcloud with good stuff, “Valid”, above, being a perfect example. You can expect to hear more from Dvsty soon too, as he recently gave me a guestmix which I’ll be posting up soon.

Fallow and Bushido join forces for a track I need in my life ASAP. No release date for this that I know of yet, but I’d urge you to keep an eye on both guy’s Soundclouds as they’re both regularly uploading some serious things.

Mila J’s “Smoke, Drink, Break Up” seems to be getting refixed and edited every other day, this time Murlo provides the goods on this free download.

Ending things in a similar way to how they started here as Nocturnal makes a welcome return by giving away “How Has It Been? (FEEL GOOD?)”. There are also a few clips of forthcoming tunes he’s been working on including the heavy sounding “Don’t Try It!!!

So a decent week all round then, with two of the most pioneering beatmakers in Nocturnal and Kid D returning in a big way, Slackk dropping his album, as well as some quality singles. Will next week be as good? Who knows, but I’ll be rounding things up again same time next week.






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