Guestmix – DJ Sagepay

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This is a big mix. Big on quality, big on the tracklist, and big in size. The only thing not big (yet) is the name DJ Sagepay, but then “DJ Sagepay” has only been in existence for a week or so now. So, who is DJ Sagepay and why am I blogging him? Well, the most important detail is that DJ Sagepay has dropped a fully fucked guestmix for you to download, and the rest of the story, like the guestmix its self, is below!

GrimeDisciple (GD): So, DJ Sagepay, tell me about yourself. Is there a story behind the name?

DJ Sagepay (DJS): [Laughing] Well, the name was literally decided like a week ago. I’d never really had a DJ name/alias either. As you know, I put a Tweet out saying about how I wanted to join in with DJ Paypal and DJ Mastercard’s weird names. Gundam suggested “DJ Sagepay”, and I don’t know, I just really liked it. It’s kinda weird and a “good cheesy” – it fits the whole aesthetic of the artwork I’m working on too.

GD: Any plans to team up with DJ Paypal or DJ Mastercard then?

DJS: Yes! The thought of how the flyer would look for the event makes me laugh already.

GD: How did you get in to mixing, and what can you tell me about the guestmix you’re dropping here?

DJS: I got into mixing via GetDarker really, around 2011-2012. I used to watch their videos religiously, and I was obviously into Dubstep then. I still am, but not as much. The mix for you guys is something a bit different too, you can definitely tell I’ve been listening to Riz La Teef’s mixes though [he laughs]. I mainly play Chicago Footwork, but this ‘Grime’ mix is something I’ve wanted to do for ages and will continue to do alongside footwork and whatever else I want to play – for some reason I used to think that you could only ‘DJ’ one genre.

GD: What’s next for Sagepay?

DJS: I mean the mixes are for me really, I just like the idea of putting out mixes full of tracks that I want to mix, but if I get bookings/gigs that’d be really lovely. I really want to spend more time producing and remixing stuff etc. I have a textfile of all these ideas for refixes and edits I want to do, and now I’ve finished uni I think I’ll dedicate more of my time to that.

GD: I see, so any ideas  when we can we expect to hear some of that stuff, and, when can I particular?

DJS: [laughing] Hopefully soon! I will definitely keep you posted, I just need to get out of of trying to make it sound 100% perfect.

GD: So, I know from DMs that you’re into the old skool TV show The A-Team at the moment, and you rate Murdoch the most, but why is that, and how do you explain your choice of viewing?

DJS: A-Team is too good! It’s just something I used to watch when I was younger on that Bravo channel, and when I saw it on Netflix I cried tears of joy. I think it has to be Murdoch because he’s a bit weird really [he laughs]. I think people just have to watch it to see why, you know?

GD: You also design and do artwork for people.Can people contact you about getting things done for their albums etc, and who have you designed for so far?

DJS: Yeah, definitely! Anyone is more than welcome to get in touch! Erm… I’ve done artwork for Riz La Teef, Gundam, OH91, and GLOT, who are probably the ones you’d know, but I also did some bits for the label MFR a few months ago, as well, of course, as your new guestmix artwork [he laughs].

GD: Yeah, I wanted to say thanks for the artwork, by the way!

DJS: Thank you for having me do a mix, and shouts to Sheik, Gundam and Riz La Teef!

Follow DJ Sagepay here on Twitter, and keep on top of his next moves by also following him on Soundcloud here. Anyone looking for artwork etc, can get a flavour of DJ Sagepay’s designs by clicking here.

Tracklist for DJ Sagepay’s guestmix:

Nightcrawler (Devils Mix) – Wen
Werk’d It – MikeQ & DJ Sliink
Physically – Acre
The Ha Dub Rewerk’d – MikeQ (DJ Sliink Remix)
Get Money (Feat. Raekwon) – Redlight
Kingmob VIP – Logos
Walk Tha Walk – Wen
Badboy Talk – Chaksa (Glot’s On Road Remix)
The Nite Life (Instrumental) – Jam City
Icy Lake – Dat Oven (Total Freedom Remix)
So Clean – Rabit (Drippin’ Remix)
Enemy – Kelela & Nguzunguzu
OG Master – Kingdom
Pipe Dreams  – Mr. Mitch
Say My Name  – Destiny’s Child (Korma Remix)
Grimelight  – Joe
Levels – Rabit
B Storm – NA
Functions on the Low – Ruff Sqwad
Monsoon – Skream (Loefah Remix)
Flute Gasp – NA
Twin Warriors – JT The Goon
Xe2 – Mssingno
Level Crossing – Joe
Velvet Wall – Murlo
Intensive Snare – Plastician
Eski Moment – JT The Goon
Visit Me – William Skeng
Bowser’s Snout – Mr. Mitch
Eyez – Mala
Rhinstone Cowboy – Madvillain









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