“It’s all about the energy in the mix, not always the selection”, says DSL OFFICIAL, and the energy contained in this mix is a perfect example of why you should be tuning in to his #GrimeTime Show on Nasty FM! I’ve spoken to DSL OFFICIAL quite recently, and you can read that here, but, as you’d expect, I had a few more questions for him regarding the mix, and also just how long he thinks his hearing will last if he plays bangers like this…

GrimeDisciple (GD): Tell me about the guestmix you’ve provided. Were there any particular aims/styles with this mix?

DSL OFFICIAL (DSL): There wasn’t any particular theme other than just a mix full of bangers, plus to blend and chop things up like you can always expect from me!

GD: This is easily one of the most bass heavy mixes I’ve heard, possibly ever. How long do you think your hearing will last if you keep dropping mixes like this?

DSL: [laughing throughout] Thanks, and, to be honest, probably a lot longer than you think! It’s all about the energy in the mix, not always the selection, as a lot of DJs get the same material but it’s what you do with it in the mix what separates you from the rest in my opinion, but yeah, to round off this is normal for me in everything I do.

GD: There’s one of your tunes in the mix (currently untitled), are there any plans to do something with that tune? Are we going to be able to get our hands on some of your new beats any time soon?

DSL: Yeah ,it’s part of a little something I’ve got coming in the not so distant future, so a few new ones from me will be doing the rounds soon and, inevitably, will be out to purchase/download.

GD: What’s coming up on the GrimeTime Show in the next few weeks?

DSL: I’ve got plenty of guestmixes to come, mixes from DJ Frampster, Scruloose & Spindark Records, plus more, but you will have to lock in and see! The last two, from Tricky Strutt and SRC, were unbelievable – all full of exclusives and material that will never be released… except to me muhahahaha!

DSL OFFICIAL’s GrimeDisciple Guestmix


1 SPOOKY – Bass Box
2 JL SXND7RS & CONDUCTA – Fire Power
4 MYSTRY – Pulse X
5 MR DUBZ – Fortress & Castle
6 DULLAH BEATS – Dullah Boss
9 DARKNESS – Maybuck
10 JEB1 – Concerned
11 CLIMAKS BEATS – Black Zues
12 ZHA – Sending Season
14 SPOOKY – Pulse Rally
15 DEECO – Hydra
16 T DUBZ – I Love Pulse X

DSL OFFICIAL is on Nasty FM‘s GrimeTime Show, every Tuesday from 4-6pm. Follow him here on Twitter, and also on Soundcloud here.



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