Preview: Trapah – Mind Control EP



Relax, there are no 808 drums here, no triple time high hats either. Instead Trapah throws a whole heap of other ideas in to the pot with the release of his “Mind Control” EP, out soon on J Beatz’ Crown Jules label. Consisting of 5 instrumental tracks, this EP packs in so much variety that attempting to to go in to too much detail would result in a post that would take around a day to read. Instead, I’ve broken the EP down track by track to try and give you some idea of what’s in store when this one drops.


Track 1
Mind Control
The sound of a cheering crowd starts things off and reggae influences start to make this sound like it’s gonna be a calm one to zone out to. And it kind of is, for a while, until a synthesized voice starts chanting away. You’ll need to hear this one for yourself to get a real idea of where this tune ends up, as clips or reviews won’t do the job. It’s impossible to predict where “Mind Control” might go next!

Track 2
I Think I Want Some More
One of the more straight forward tracks on the EP. The “hook” – I make y’all move – shows the intent on this one, which has bleeps and wobbles (no dubstep!) all over the place. Expect to hear this one in plenty of mixes.

Track 3
Blue Slim ft J Beatz
The first of two tracks on the EP that feature label boss J Beatz. “Blue Slim” is the kind of beat that you imagine an MC like Rival would sound good on. It’s darker in mood than any other track on the EP, and shows yet another side of Trapah’s productions.

Track 4
Trapah slows things down on track four, “Fortune”, a hip hop influenced beat that makes full use of keys that I can only describe as ‘bubbly’. A nice laidback tune that paves the way perfectly for…

Track 5
Mind Control ft J Beatz (VIP Mix)
Ok, so, if the original mix of this was too mental for you, this VIP Mix is here to amend that. Bob Marley pipes up (no pun intended) talking about the joys of weed, and this version retains the reggae elements of the original for a tune that, if you play it in your car, will probably get you a stop & search as it reeks of high grade lemon. You should still play it tho, regardless.


I’ve put the Soundcloud stream in for this EP so that you can 1) see how badly I described a few of these songs, and 2) so that you can then think, “shit, this EP is actually sick! I’m gonna cop that for Monday”, which is when it’s available, courtesy of Crown Jules.

You can follow Trapah here on Twitter, and also on Soundcloud here.
You can preorder “Mind Control EP” now on: Boomkat, or Amazon


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