DSL OFFICIAL – On the Wheels of Sheffield Steel


Nasty FM DJ/producer DSL OFFICIAL has done something new by dropping a promo advert for his GrimeTime Show. You can see that below, but, I’m sure you’ll agree, anybody pushing grime that hard deserves to be heard, so I thought I’d talk to him about mixing, his show, the scene in Sheffield and lots more besides…

GrimeDisciple (GD): How long have you been on this music thing, and what set you off?

DSL OFFICIAL (DSLO): I have been producing seriously for close to two years now. and solidly DJing for just over a year. I then had to to take a year out of music due to other out of music commitments, so it actually feels longer than its is [he laughs]. My start/journey has been a mad one, I’ve literally come from producing on the most ghetto setups you have ever seen in your life to forking out fortunes on hardware/software. I pretty much taught myself from young, just spending every day on Reason, clicking away at what would make noises, to releasing my music and having DJs I have lots of respect for playing my stuff over the years. I make it sound a lot more easy than it was, believe me!

GD: You’re obviously a producer as well as a DJ, are you working on any new beats now?

DSLO: Yeah, very much so! I’m working on lots of new stuff, a lot of which, I feel, is going in a different direction sound wise from what people expect from me, so there will be a lot of surprises when I start to let new stuff surface, but, for me, becoming a DJ, I feel has had a positive influence on what I produce now, and always keeps you open to new ideas.

GD: Roughly how many records do you own? How long a week do you spend listening out for music for the show, or is it more a case of people sending you things?

DSLO: In terms tracks I’ve got now, we’re going well in to thousands. I’m a little more select now [he laughs], but around the time I started DJing I was pulling in 50+ tracks a week, easy. I was obsessed, and I personally feel it’s better to do both, as with the amount of high quality music about now, it’s very easy to overlook stuff, so I’m always reaching out to new producers I feel have got talent and i have done so since day one. I get a lot of music from established producers, but I always make time for the underdogs. A lot of people doing well now I can show you sets when I was playing them years before anybody else played them [he laughs again].

GD: Do you think DJs generally get the credit they deserve?

DSLO: I believe some do, but from my point of view, coming from “up north”, my experience isn’t the same as say somebody from down south might say. I feel DJs up north are being slept on just a little as the scene isn’t so native up here, but, make no mistake, we have a lot of UK standard DJs, producers and MCs which, a lot of, I’ve played alongside, many of which have received UK wide support, We are making noise, the question is, are you listening?

GD: The video looks great, but what’s with the sudden push for the show?

DSLO: Thanks, man! I’m pushing this harder this time round, as I feel Sheffield has very little in the way of dedicated grime shows that people can lock in to, and I feel it can be a platform to push not only grime, but a lot of up north material, and do it at a consistent professional level that Sheffield hasn’t seen a great deal of.

GD: Why should people lock in to your show, if they don’t already? What’s coming up on the show that we should look out for?

DSLO: For those that have fell down a well somewhere and haven’t heard about the show, they need to, as this show is an all out free for all of grime, bass and energy that grime is loved for. Also seasoned with plenty of dubplates, exclusives, and guestmixes coming up from who I feel is hotting up the place right now! And this is paramount for northerners & southerners to!

GD: What do you do away from music? Are you creative in any other ways?

DSLO: Not really sure if you could call it creative, but I’m a huge gamer! Games were, and are, a big part of my spare time. I’m not too big on Call of Duty like I was, but you see zombies? Thats my shit [he laughs]. Games and weight training seem to be my biggest past times at the moment, living in the fast lane as you can clearly tell [laughing again]!

GD: Can you recommend a film or a TV show that people should be watching, and why do you rate it?

DSLO: Not really a big day to day TV fan, but I must say Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Dexter are top selected. I’m very late on Breaking Bad, but I swear that show had me hooked to the point that I was gutted when it finished – if anybody hasn’t given it a try yet – DO IT! It’s the best thing you will watch, trust me! I prefer older films like Bronx Tale, Donnie Brasco for some reason. Old films crack me up the most, like who can’t find Pulp Fiction funny?  And King Pin, and Big Lebowski to name a few more.

DSL OFFICIAL is on Nasty FM‘s GrimeTime Show, every Tuesday from 4-6pm. Follow him here on Twitter, and also on Soundcloud here.


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