Riz La Teef – Free Guestmix and Interview


If you haven’t played a Riz La Teef mix yet then, frankly, you’re slipping. Where most DJs give you a tracklist for their mixes, a Riz La Teef tracklist is like the audio equivalent of an á la carte menu at the swankiest of restaurants. Packed with freshly cut vinyl dubs and unreleased goodness, all blended together perfectly, and then served up by chef Riz… I’m rinsing this metaphor now, but, if you need further convincing, there’s a free guestmix for you at the bottom of this post, right after the man himself answers a few questions on record collections, mixing, cutting dubs and more…

Grimedisciple (GD): How long have you been mixing now, and was anybody an influence on you?

Riz La Teef (RLT): I’ve been mixing for about 7 years now, and yeah man, a few people have influenced me, all the big “DJ’s DJ’s” if you get me, people like Oneman, Youngsta, Skream back in the day, and, at the moment, I rate the things people like Slackk, Parris, Oil Gang, Nomis & Mike Midnight etc are doing.

GD: I saw that you got in to DJing when a former housemate left some decks behind. Have you had a call off of him yet asking for his decks back?

RLT: [laughing] Oh man, yeah, I had to give those back years ago, got my own set now. They were good to learn on though, as they were beat up belt-driven Geminis, I think. So, if you can get good and mix on decks like that, you can pretty much mix on anything. It sets you up for life.

GD: Just how big, roughly, is your record collection? Where do you store them all, and roughly how much money have you spent on vinyl and cutting dubs?

RLT: Not sure to be honest. I think the last time I had a rough count, it was somewhere around 1000, and I keep them in my room on some of those handy Ikea record shelves. I don’t really wanna think bout how much I’ve spent on records/dubs [he laughs again]. I see them as investments though, as most of the records I’ve bought have gone up in value, and records/dubs are what I like to spend any spare cash I’ve got on. Like if I get money from a gig etc, I’ll mainly just use it to buy more tunes/cut more dubs etc. I’m not a big trainer/clothes kinda guy… just a big music fan.

GD: Any plans to move on to production?

RLT: Yeah, I’ve been trying to get into production, but it is tough. I need to put bit more time and work in, really. I’ve done a few simple blends though that few people have been feeling, so that has been cool.

GD: You’re one of the most in demand DJs around at the moment, are you happy with how things are going for you?

TLT: [laughs] I dunno about that, man! I think just a few producers and heads know me, at the moment, which is cool. I mainly just do the mixes for myself, cos I enjoy doing them, and it’s bless that other people are feeling them as well. I’m pretty happy with how things are going – I’ve got few bookings coming up, and am now getting sent some real quality tunes which is nice. Further down the line I’d like to get a radio show on a station and set up my own label maybe, but, at the moment, I’m just DJing because I enjoy it.

All vinyl/acetate tracklist:

Loom – Fukushima (Dubplate)
Fallow – Ataxatria (Dubplate)
Smodi – Waltz (Dubplate)
Fallow – Pepperpot (Dubplate)
Mumdance/Nov – Take Time (Rinse)
Impey – Bang Clap (Sector 7)
Spooky – Freekin’ (Dubplate)
Major Grave – Wifey Beat (Dubplate)
JT The Goon – War Cry (Dubplate)
MssingNo – 124th (Goon Club)
Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody A capella (Atlantic)
Kahn – Thief In The Law (Bandulu)
Danny Weed – Shank Riddim (Wiley Remix) (White)
Mokona – Untitled (Killa P Vocal (Midnight ‘Nuh Fail’ Blend) (Dubplate)

Get more Riz La Teef mixes here, and follow him on twitter here.



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