Izzie Gibbs – Next To Blow?


When Ratty from Lord of the Mics asked which MC he should sign recently, one name kept being Tweeted: Izzie Gibbs, and rightly so, as the Northampton based MC has made a name for himself over the last couple of years as one of the sickest up and coming youngers in the scene. With that in mind, I asked Izzie a few questions about clashing, influences, the health of the scene, and um… Justin Bieber…

GrimeDisciple (GD): You seem to have only been going for a short time, but you’re already tipped as being “the next big thing”, do you feel any pressure from that?

Izzie Gibbs (IG): I wouldn’t say I feel pressure, to be honest. I take everything in my stride, and as it comes. When people say they rate my music and what I’m doing it really gives me that boost, because sometimes I feel like people ain’t seeing how much work I’m putting in.

GD: Do you feel the scene is healthy, and what do yo think of the other youngers coming through?

IG: The scene can only get better. It is very healthy, but a lot of them don’t understand what grime’s about, and get gassed off views when they ain’t doing nothing with them [he laughs].

Although he’s only just turned 18, Gibbs has already clashed a few times, he’s on the next Who’s Da Boss, and he also had a song asking for a bring in on LOTM5. So, how important is clashing to him? “You know what?”, he begins, “clashing isn’t something that I go out my way to do – it’s my nature, it won’t allow me to back down from war. Like seriously, sometimes I just wanna make music, then war comes up and the greeze starts [laughing through out]. I’m serious”.

GD: Who influenced you musically?

IG: Dot Rotten, Ghetts, Ice Kid, they’re my favourite three. There’s loads more, but them three made me wanna write, and get me so hype. Dot just for the creativity alone. Like he’s so versatile, and makes great music. So do Ghetts and Ice Kid, but for me Dot is the best at making songs. When it comes to energy, Ghetts is so fucked – excuse my language – his energy makes me want to catch a case. I love the way he has alter egos as well. Ice Kid just doesn’t think like the average spitter, he says shit people don’t think of and his bars are just too sick.

GD: What do you do away from music?

IG: Get on with my life, keep it moving, and make sure my fam are bless.

GD: Is there a scene in Northampton?

IG: I would say it’s growing. The levels of some are poor, but there’s a lot of decent artists, not just in grime, but others genres too. There is definitely a scene, just the quality needs to grow, that’s all , that’s including myself to.

GD: It feels like you’re putting it on the map, is that something you’re trying to do?

IG: I would like to see myself as a pioneer for the ends. I don’t see anyone really doing more than me, work rate wise.

GD: What do you have planned for the future in terms of releases? Are you looking to get signed?

IG: “A.D.H.D”, my mixtape, is out this year. There’s not a official date yet, but it’s out this year, and more music videos and less freestyle ones. As for getting signed, not really. Don’t get me wrong, if a opportunity comes and it’s right for me, I’m going to take it, 100%, but I’m looking to grow as an artist, establish myself as one, and gain a understanding of what’s right for me.

GD: Justin Bieber has been in the news recently for racist incidents, what did you think of all that?

IG: [laughing] To be honest, I don’t think people in the world understand what’s going on with people like Justin Bieber and other worldwide artists, but you will find out In years to come.

GD: And finally, what should people expect from you on Who’s Da Boss 2?

IG: PURE SHELLINGS! [laughing again].

Izzie’s Twitter and Facebook links are included in the above post.
Check out Izzie’s music here on Bandcamp.

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