JT The Goon – Goonies Never Say Die!


I think it’s fair to say that the instrumental side of Grime is pissing on the vocal side from some height, so with that in mind, I thought I’d take a look at one of the guys that’s been there from day one, but who still remains at the cutting edge of Grime production now, JT The Goon.

If you’ve paid any attention or locked in to any sets, you would have heard the mighty Gunman Riddim, but what you might not know is that JT made it while rolling with Waifer and Slew Dem.


After what, in music terms at least, seemed like ages, JT quietly crept back on to the radar with the Headshot EP, which picked up spins from Slackk, before dropping the insanely fucked BassPower EP (Download here) and it’s stand-out track, “The Grime Orchestra”, a tune I still rinse now and that has had a recent remix from Dullah Beatz.

February of this year saw Oil Gang release JT’s Twin Warrior EP on vinyl, made up of 4 sick instrumentals including the title track, which is a modern day reworking of Jammer’s unreleased classic “Chinaman” beat. Now out on digital too, the Twin Warrior EP is one you should definitely own.

The next release to look out for is the forthcoming JT Versus Murlo EP, which is another Oil Gang release. A joint release from JT and Murlo is never going to be a bad thing, and the one tune I’ve heard, Murlo’s remix of Twin Warrior, is so sick that it could claim benefits. Latest word from Oil Gang is that the EP has been sent off for mixing, so look out for that one soon.
With Oil Gang also promising a JT The Goon album  it seems certain, whether you’re at a Boxed night or tuned in to the radio, that you won’t be escaping this guy’s music. And rightfully so.



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